April 7, 2010

A little love lost poem from a friend.

Even a little?

You and I

only a little more than nothing
to one another

courtship, a few kisses (okay, three) but no sparks, you later said

fun, not serious

1,000 miles is a long way for a young fire to survive

we may light for others


there may yet be a dormant magic inside each of us

You just wanted fun, you said
my specialty,


perhaps I was overawed by your strength

can you blame me?
Playing an away game, was I too focused on not playing games, and forgot to have fun?


perhaps you forget, a little, just how rare you are.

A cold perfect jewel may be beautiful and rare

still, it wants to have fun

be worn to parties

no one appreciates being treated with too much respect
you said you didn’t want something serious

perhaps I’m just tired of faux diamonds and rubies

a cold jewel needs to be warmed in the hand so it can sparkle



expect something in the mail
and if you don’t reply too busy who cares
if you remain closed

my short, sweet friend

What you and I are each in our own way doing to be successful, happy, generous
is what’s important
as my parents’ teacher says,

“What we do is important, but not a big deal”

let’s be important to one another.

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