April 11, 2010

Two months to make elephant $ustainable.

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to support elephant and get your name/business name on the bottom of every page of our site.

There’s three cool things about our new reader-supported model

1. We aren’t a non-profit. This ain’t charity. You get something for your $9/month*: a name and link to your web site, twitter or facebook page, or you can donate your link to your favorite spiritual teacher or good cause.

2. Once we’re sustainable—we’ll be able to free ourselves of advertisers’ influence (we’ll keep a few ads, but only ones we fully believe in) and, perhaps coolest of all, we’ll start paying our writers. Right now quality journalism is dying fast, and thousands upon thousands of good writers are more or less jobless. As Jefferson said, to paraphrase, journalism that is a watch dog, not a lapdog of corporations and politics is the foundation of a healthy society.

3. it takes a minute to sign up, and we chose to work with Inspire Commerce instead of Paypal. Inspire, a Boulder-based company, donates a percentage of their earnings to good causes.

Just click here, sign up if so inspired, most importantly spread the word (email this on to 10 friends, we only have 60 days left on our loan), post to your Facebook Wall, tweet this link:

Sign up here to become a member of elephant’s Grassroots Network:

(you can pay more for bigger, more exclusive name and link)

*or more if you want your name/business name bigger, on higher tier. Click above links for deets.

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Read 10 comments and reply

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