Simpsons go to Whole Foods.

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on Apr 19, 2010
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simpsons whole foods funny

I mean, Wellness Foods.

“Non-soy dairy-based soy sauce, steel-cut spelt husks … free-range gluten, and ultra-vegan invisible cheese!”

Another in the vein of comedy-buying-into-clichés, the Simpsons visited a Whole Foods-look-alike a few years back and discovered that

1. Green is wayyy overpriced (“When a small box of blueberries gets added at checkout, the total for the small bag of groceries rockets from $790 to $830.”)

2. there’s lots of hemp everywhere, which is kinda like pot.

That said, it’s purty funny. Among their other finds:

1. the food at Wellness Foods “looks bad on the shelf but good in [their] colons”

2. “Homer worries about men carrying purses (reusable shopping bags) and Marge picks up items like “non-soy dairy-based soy sauce, steel-cut spelt husks … free-range gluten, and ultra-vegan invisible cheese.”


can’t find the video, it’s been removed from Hulu


One of the many commenters at Serious Eats echoed by thoughts, or rather since I came late to this episode, I’ll second theirs:

I do wish they hadn’t painted natural food stores in such an inaccessibly expensive/ impractical light. I just moved to an area where a new conventional supermarket chain just opened up. I’d been hoping for a whole foods, but my neighbor said that people around here just wouldn’t be willing to pay those prices. I wish people would stop looking at food as cheap vs. expensive and start reading labels. An investment in pure food now is one less medical bill later… Just IMO.

Another commenter, on a lighter note:

My favorite part was when all the food shriveled up at the bagging station because of the lack of preservatives.


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4 Responses to “Simpsons go to Whole Foods.”

  1. Kaushik says:

    Neither the Simpsons nor I can afford Wellness Foods…

  2. That has totally happened to me with organic blueberries. Parody is the sincerest form of flattery, right? Like having your song remade by Weird Al.

  3. redde says:

    Elephant Journal: I love your content… BUT please stop uploading copies of images that you take from other places. Embed the video, link to the photo, link to the actual content that you are referring to instead of only your "own" pages. Don't fear people leaving your site, if your content is original enough and creative enough, your faithful readers aren't going any where. Inevitably what you are doing by not linking back is copyright theft, but more than that its just bad web editorial practice. I want to be able to click on your images and actually see where you got things from, or I want to be able to click on this photo of the Simpsons and actually watch the video that you are talking about. Below you ask from people to "help spread the word–share with your friends" but shouldn't you learn to do unto others as you would have them do unto you? Sorry. Off soap box now, but you are big enough and have been around in the digital world long enough to know better and to knock it out.

  4. emptymassave says:

    They mention in the post that the video has been removed from its original source.