April 13, 2010

Synergy: A sustainable alternative in Louisville

Synergy means that teamwork will produce an overall better result than if each person was working toward the same goal individually.

This is true to anything you want to apply it. The farmer cultivates the wheat and cares for the land. The son carries the wheat when is ready to deliver. The store offers the wheat for the bread makers. The bread makers prepare the wheat into bread. The bread market offers the bread to the families. The families offer the bread in their tables. We eat the bread and sustain our hunger. Everybody wants bread. Everybody makes an effort to make the bread available. Without the wheat, there is no bread. Without the land, there is no wheat. Synergy.

Nick and Cori Ehrhart opened a fitness studio based on a co-op business model, and they called it Synergy.  What is the goal? To enjoy a beautiful~ safe ~joyful ~creative space where  they can dedicate the self  to healing, fitness, community, learning, fun, and share it with others.

What is inspiring about their effort is their simple concept. We all want bread, let’s all do our effort to manifest it. If you are an instructor looking for a space to share your practice, you can make use of the space arranging a very affordable trade that will help pay the monthly expense of the studio and that will help you establish your practice with room for it to be profitable as well. If you are a practitioner looking for alternatives to your practice without having to pay great amounts of money, you can come share your practice with the group; help the teacher pay their share that will help pay the monthly payment of the studio. If you are a fitness representative, you can offer your product so it is available to the right crowd, the practitioners benefit for their access to it, help you pay the costs of your product, helping you help with the cost of the studio. And so on. Beautiful.

Beautiful healthy alternative to the times when it is common to hear how teachers can’t afford to have teaching be their livelihood because studio owners can’t pay much, because their studio rent is too expensive; and times where practitioners think twice about practicing because it costs a lot of money to do so.

At the moment you can find ZUMBA, YOGA, WOMEN ONLY BOOT CAMP, CO-ED GROUP FITNESS CLASSES, MOMMY-BABY PILATES – BRAZILIAN MARTIAL ARTS and probably I am missing something ~ your first class is only $5.00 dollars. If you are a corporation and want to offer the benefit to your employees you can receive 20$ off. IF you are a Sunday person, you can find a donation basis Yoga practice. There is a choice for every lifestyle.

Give SYNERGY a try ~ without the land, there is no bread.

Be happy,


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Read 2 comments and reply

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