April 1, 2010

GOP declares willingness to work with President: “We’re all Americans.”

In a touching display of bipartisanship, first the GOP and then the Tea Party itself met our President halfway, yesterday, agreeing that “health care is good for us, and it saves the government money, and therefore is saves us money” but made no promises that they’d support Obama’s “treacherous campaign for more jobs. We got you into this mess, but we enjoy blaming you for the weak economy.”

Fox News reported that 18 people gathered in a “forceful display of grassroots democracy.” Not counting the Fox film crew, to be fair, there were four people at the rally—not as many as the thousands-strong Immigration Rally next door at the Capitol, but “size isn’t everything, just ask Glenn,” the Fox anchor opined off camera.

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Read 3 comments and reply

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