April 14, 2010

This is the Big Heart Show!

……………..So Last week I decided to trash my big project, the Revolution of the Mommies,

well, there’s no use crying over spilled milk….

When you’re a mommy it doesn’t matter!

Just clean it up!

This is the BIG HEART SHOW…!

We’ll be walking around in daddy’s shoes….


It’s what we’re doin’ now.

…….And no one’s going to mention the word “revolution,”

you know what people think of when they hear that word?


Let’s look in!

(Can you hear it beating? .. …bmp.bmp…..bmp. bmp.)

And babies live here!

Just a few short years ago Nathan *and* I decided to become parents.

Three years ago to be exact.

We haven’t been married that long…

but in movie star marriage years, it’s like an eternity.

And enough stuff has happened,

that we can talk about it.

So….Dim the lights!

This story begins in Boston

with mommy and daddy.

mommy had just moved from England to live closer to him,

because they were in love.

They were the butterflies from the book “Hope for the Flowers” for Halloween that year…

(he would even do that for her)

Nathan rode his bike everywhere all the time,

even on snow days.

And he lived in a vegetarian co-op.

(Vegetarians are so


(And naturally eco-responsible)

It was the year the Red Sox ended the curse…

So much felt like a happy ending,

but for us it was really only the start…

of a big life together.

And, we  of course thought…. if we had a family,  that our lives (as we knew them) would somehow be preserved.

But there’s just so much to do when you become a parent…it’s surprising.

It’s not always as easy or glamorous….

but two is better.

This is the Big Heart Show,

It is for daddy…

and it’s definitely not perfect.

…..but the Jukebox is Free!

China–Tori Amos


lveo. peace!

the Traveling Neighborhood

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