April 26, 2010

“We tend to have such a short memory in this country” ~ father of Columbine shooting victim vs. Senator Mark Udall + Michael Bennet.

To Gun Control or Not to Gun Control.

Last year, a father of a Columbine massacre shooting victim took out a full page ad, below, to protest some of elephant’s generally favorite politicians taking an inexplicably, yet perhaps typically waffling Democratic stand on gun control (or lack thereof).

Interestingly, in seeking to put together a little piece on the issue of gun control, here, the first 30 or 40 videos I found were all anti-control (see video at bottom for the most popular one). What is it about Americans and our guns? Our murder rate is out of…control (that word again), and yet we stick to slogans like

guns don’t kill people, people don’t kill people.

Last I checked, a momentary temper tantrum never killed anyone when the best (worst) weapon in hand was a pillow or a porcelain plate or a magazine or what have you. But give a man a trigger to pull, and death is just a shot away.

Via Politico:

The father of a Columbine massacre victim says he’s “disgusted” with Colorado’s freshman Democratic senators for voting in favor of the failed Thune Amendment, which would have allowed licensed owners to transport concealed firearms across state lines.

Tom Mauser, whose son Daniel was murdered a decade ago at the Littleton, Colo. high school, is featured in a full page Denver Post ad questioning the “yes” votes of Michael Bennet and Mark Udall…

…for the rest, click over to Politico.

Bonus, part 1/12 (keep clicking through for other parts), Bowling for Columbine:

A brief history of (lack of) gun control, etc.:

But many, even in the face of Virginia Tech or Columbine, still don’t buy “gun control”:

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