What Yogi Foodie “Local Honey” Kathryn Budig eats each day. {Bonus: Summer Rayne Oakes}

Via Waylon Lewis
on Apr 22, 2010
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kathyrn budig summer rayne oakes

Via the good folks at MindBodyGreen, this appetite-inducing video walks you through a day in and out of the kitchen with our healthy foodie yogini friend and eleColumnist Kathyrn Budig.

Yoga Food! What Yogi & Foodie Kathryn Budig Eats in a Typical Day from MindBodyGreen on Vimeo.

Bonus, “ecofashion” model Summer Rayne Oakes:

Earth Day with Summer Rayne Oakes from MindBodyGreen on Vimeo.


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5 Responses to “What Yogi Foodie “Local Honey” Kathryn Budig eats each day. {Bonus: Summer Rayne Oakes}”

  1. Shabba-hoooooo says:

    Interesting, so Kathryn is not a vegetarian.

  2. Claire Lochridge says:

    Mmm, definitely going to try Kathryn's salsa verde recipe! Sounds delish!

  3. Yah. But she eats mindfully—trying to source humanely raised, free-range, shopping local, mostly veggie—that's a good example, right there, imho.

  4. Shabba-hoooooo says:

    I tend to live along those lines as well. I'm not going to turn down a yummy grass fed steak. I have just heard other yogsters say a vegetarian, and preferably vegan diet is essential (Dharma Mittra), and then others (Ana Forrest) who think you should listen to your body and eat meat if it says it wants it. I'm just interested in the various yogi viewpoints on that.

  5. I think, traditionally, that yoga = vegetarian. I would remind Ms. Forrest to listen to the bodies, while they're still alive, of the animals she's choosing to kill and eat. Americans are said to get 5x as much protein on a daily basis that we need. There's plenty examples of vegan athletes, for example.

    I'm not vegan–I'm vegetarian–I'm 190 pounds and have plenty of energy. But I do know many of my friends feel that they need fish or meat, and that the whole world won't be veggie any time soon. So I fervently hope those who eat fish will make sure it's sustainably harvested, and that those who eat meat will make sure it doesn't come from factory farms—both for their health and for compassion's sake.