May 28, 2010

One Canadian Woman’s Rant!

If I’m my brother’s keeper who’s taking care of the sisters?

Okay, I’m going to rant today.

I’ve been thinking about a few things and every time I turn around I feel like my thoughts are being reinforced.

I’m trying, really I am. I have a daughter and a son so I’m not holding any judgements or biases here but what the hell is going on with the federal government of Canada?~ J

An open letter to Mr. Steven Harper

Dear Mr. Harper,

It has come to my attention today that you have not kept your end of the bargain when you were elected into parliament.

Today in the Toronto Star I read that you appointed 19 researchers and all of them were men.

Are they no women researchers? Are they also not being funded and so there’s not as many of them? I don’t know, I’m asking you for clarification. Really, it didn’t get much coverage either and when I tried to find this online I could not.

You were voted in on a platform of equality, what happened? Our elected official for the Status of Women has been asked to step aside until her name is cleared and it would appear that much of the confusion relates to her husband’s business practises. What’s that all about?

You stated that you would not fatten up the coffers of the great Senate and yet, today, you announced yet another fat appointment, another white man.

If we are our brother’s keepers, who is looking out for we women?

We’re half the population, perhaps more, we live longer, we get paid less, we can’t get funding and then, oh yeah, there’s the whole EI/maternity/sickness benefits issue for the woman in Toronto who had the audacity to get third stage cancer after she had gone on maternity leave. Bad timing dude, you should have done this before you went on maternity  leave because then you’d have been able to get benefits but, sadly, now that you’re into it well, too bad, you’re not eligible.

I went to the women’s shelter in my area this week to take over some clothing donations and do you know what they told me? They could only keep a woman there for five weeks, yup five, because they didn’t have the funding for anything more. And if the women were making efforts to get counseling and support, the wait list was two years long, so most of them gave up and went back to their abusers.

Where is the voice of the females in your family? They talking to you much these days?

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Read 2 comments and reply

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