“Bodhisattvas Needed in Louisiana”

Via Reverend Danny Fisher
on May 3, 2010
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This from our friend, the dear Maia Duerr of The Jizo Chronicles and the Upaya Chaplaincy Training Program:

Here’s the idea of the day, from Hozan Alan Senauke of the Clear View Project: How about a Buddhist brigade to Louisiana to help with clean up from this huge mess of an oil spill that will hit land soon? The consequences are projected to be devastating.

Here’s a small resource list to get this off the ground:

If you’re interested in connecting with other dharma practitioners who want to go to the Gulf region to volunteer, feel free to comment in Maia’s post and find each other.


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One Response to ““Bodhisattvas Needed in Louisiana””

  1. Tee says:

    It kills me that I can't do this right now…I would love to help in cleaning this mess up. I quit driving and started bicycling to do my part in preventing this. Be the change. Blessings to every being affected adversely by this.