Boycott the Circus? I’ll do whatever Olivia Munn tells me to do. {PETA}

Via Waylon Lewis
on May 21, 2010
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Not sure what wild lands we imagine elephants have left, but PETA is dead set against elephants in circuses and zoos. Not sure I get it—I’d think that, if treated humanely, it’s a great way to bring we selfish humans into contact with other species and to fall in love and begin to care about them.

But, cruelty in circuses—well, do like Oliva Munn says, whomever she is, and Just Say Hells No:

For info via PETA and Olivia re why Circuses seem nice but are in fact nasty, click the image above.


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10 Responses to “Boycott the Circus? I’ll do whatever Olivia Munn tells me to do. {PETA}”

  1. Seiho says:

    She was a host on "The Attack of The Show," on techTV. She has the persona of a nerd do-gooder. She is also known for pursing comedic endeavors. She can be randomly funny.

    The bottom line… It's okay to do whatever Olivia says.



  2. But if circuses were made more humane, and punished by law for abuse..?

  3. Andrew Armiger says:

    When that hypothetical becomes reality, perhaps, though the entire premise of a circus (or a zoo) is confinement and exploitation of wild animals for mere entertainment. The existence of circuses (and zoos) has yet to enable that, however. Until that time, the monetary vote for wildlife DVDs showing elephants in their native habitat over supporting circuses (and zoos) seems the more mindful choice. : )

  4. Andrew Armiger says:

    Or even support wildlife sanctuaries and refuges, there are elephant rescue sanctuaries that seemingly provide a far more mindful alternative to circuses and zoos:

  5. Oh Seiho! You are a man after my own heart. But I prefer Morgan Webb from X-Play over Olivia ….

    John <a href="” target=”_blank”>

  6. Aminda says:

    so are we evil for keeping dogs as pets? or cats? or birds? I think it's obvious that animals should always be treated humanely…but there is something to be said for the connectedness of man and beast in joint ventures. I have several friends that work at my local zoo and that zoo is helps re-populate endangered animals, studies animals to help them survive, creates education for children (and big people alike) it's more sanctuary than cage…one of the elephants in our zoo makes wonderful art…just like our companion animals there is a bond that can be experienced not for exploitation but understanding…when people see animals as creative, caring and intelligent they can begin to see them not as "beast" but fellow traveler and that can't be a bad thing. Last year I saw Cavalia "horse circus" it was beautiful, stunning, educational and those riders and horses were family. Although in a perfect world no animals would be endangered or used for food we may just need the circus to "humanize" our animal brothers to help PETA's cause…stop the abuse and the exploitation but keep the love and joy and connectedness. It is possible

  7. Myrna says:

    F*ck the circuse

  8. Doug says:

    Aminda, I love your message of keeping the love and joy and connectedness!

    Personally, I think there is a difference between animals that are still living out in the wild on their own, and those that have been domesticated for hundreds of years (like the companion animals you mentioned – dogs and cats). I was blown away when I had the opportunity to see elephants in the wild in Africa, and I hope they just get to live in the way that they live right now – in the wild, naturally.

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