The BP Oil Spill: a different perspective.

Via Janet Auty-Carlisle
on May 31, 2010
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I just watched a clip from ABC news.

The team invited Phillippe Cousteau, grandson of Jacques Cousteau, to go out 25 miles off the coast of Louisiana to check out the oil spill. The difference this time was that the reporter and Mr. Cousteau were donning hazmat suits and scuba suits and diving into the spill to show us what BP doesn’t want us to see.

I have to tell you…I felt sick to my stomach after I watched it…and then I sat back and wept. Poor Mama Earth, those poor animals, all of us, we’re in a precarious place right now with Mama Earth. She’s trying so hard to take care of us but there are so many who are putting the blinders on and choosing not to listen, choosing not to see. I dare you, I double dare you, to take a look at this video and then walk away from it not wanting to create a change.

What’s it gonna take folks? And, if not us, then who?

Living la Vida Fearless,



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2 Responses to “The BP Oil Spill: a different perspective.”

  1. gwenbell says:

    Can't seem to get the vid to load, did a search & found this one. Same video, different intro, plays:

  2. In My Head says:

    I am extremely glad that it seems like the BP problem is now finally coming to an end. Never again will I see coverage on BP for a long while.