May 16, 2010

Catching Thoughts: Brownie Day today and let’s Play.

What I love about Chutney Berry is the fact that she is a 51 year old yoga teacher who experiences life with deep sensuality and rides a motorcycle. She’s awesome in my book. Yesterday in Yoga class at City Yoga, Chutney reminded me of the importance of “being playful”.

Every so often I take myself out on a date. I go do something by myself, whisper sweet nothings to myself and just enjoy my own company. I find it easy to get swept up in the stresses of life and have to remind myself to “chill out”. Coming from a background of costumes and theatre, one thing that works for me is costumes. I love to dress up. I used to design and make costumes for my animal companions: like turn my male dog into a little girl with pig tales or a cowboy or a flower. We forget to keep that sense of play as we grow up. Time to bring it back and the video tells you why:)


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Read 3 comments and reply

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