May 7, 2010

ChrisT Yoga…

There’s a lot of Buzz going around the web the last few weeks about Yoga going mainstream, and rock star celebriYogis, Yogi fashion faux pas and general Yoga mania! If you can figure out who is your teacher, mentor, inspiration, Guru, style, modality, school, kula, sangha, immersion or training…then you are clearer than me…

I just do Yoga.

Always have, and always will.
Just Yoga.

Same when I was a kid and I was just Buddhist

No one told me what kind, what style, or what school.
I was just Buddhist. Believed the Dhamma and looked for my sangha…

Then I came to the US, and figured out I was supposed to “know” what “type” of Buddhist I was…

Who knew?
I sure didn’t.

I guess I still don’t… even though I have taught Hatha Yoga for a living over the last few decades… When I am asked what type of Yoga do you teach? I am stumped.

I do Yoga.
Hatha – the physical moving of asanas
Is that a “Do” or do I Yoga?

As a Yoga Crone, I encourage you… Just Do Yoga.
Every day.

It helps.

and the world..!

In the recent upsurge of Yoga Gone Wild with themes like Naked Yoga, Nazi Yoga, Booty Yoga and Yoga dinner parties and baby showers… here’s one I hadn’t seen before… Janine Turner shows us Christian Yoga.

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Read 19 comments and reply

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