Love Your Life!

Via Lindsay Jean Thomson
on May 19, 2010
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I know this is already making the rounds but it’s worth repeating. Try this at home…and then repeat it again and again and again. Like your life! Scratch that – love your life!

Do you practice affirmations? Please share!


About Lindsay Jean Thomson

Lindsay Jean Thomson is a San Francisco-based vinyasa flow yoga teacher. She teaches at International Orange and is the co-founder of Flex Hour Yoga.


17 Responses to “Love Your Life!”

  1. I like my laptop! I like my iPhone! I like my bike! I like my Americano! I like my yoga! I like my mountains! I like my food! I like my netflix! I like my puppy! I like my sky! I can do anything!

  2. Sarah says:

    lol what a cute video…

    As for me… I love my home… I love my body…. I love my partner… I love my awareness… I love the compassion I feel for others… I love the trees outside my home… I love my books… I love Internet… I love the sun shining on most days… I love my friends… I love my family… I love my dreams… I love Yoga and my vegetarian cooking… I love my soul and that I am getting to know it… I LOVE my life lol =D

  3. tia says:

    My kids and watched this 4x !
    Niko 5- I love the ocean and the sky and my bath tub
    Diego 7- I love our garden and it's tomoatoes and homemade pesto and my dog
    Mom- I love my kids, I love my healthy body, I love my creative spirit ,…….

    " Mommmmyyy let's watch it again !"

  4. Magda M says:

    i like my house, my plants, my balcony, my meditation cushion, my bike, my yoga mat, my sun, my sky, my stars, my world. i like it all!!! what a great start to the day…. affirmations are so powerful. whatever we think or say, truly manifests in our lives. so, no matter what bumps on the road of life you may encounter – be happy and have gratitude, for they are the lessons in life we need to study the most. namaste.

  5. lindsay jean says:

    love that you shared this with your kids and their responses!

  6. lindsay jean says:

    here goes…i like my friends, all of my friends! and my family, i like them too! i like my san francisco, my fog, my muni, my crazies! i like my yoga! i like my body! i like my elephant! the trees and the bees and the flowers! and the sun and the moon and the stars and all the good stuff and all the bad stuff because it's all good! I LOVE MY LIFE!

  7. holly says:

    i want to see Act 2. where was she going?

  8. Ifigeneia says:

    I like my husband! I like our son! I like everything in our life! I like ! I like! I like our love for everything!

  9. sallyc says:

    I like Lindsay! I like my yoga! I like my injured ankle! I like my red wine! I like my boyfriend! I like the sun is shining! I like my yoga students! I like my garden! I like all my pregnant friends and family! I like being reminded of the innocence and lust for life that we all had as kids! I like my life!

  10. Lisa Flynn says:

    I like THIS and I LOVE that little girl's outlook. Taking a lesson…. 😉

  11. LUV IT! I love the sound of birds, I love my family, I love my two crazy cats, I love the internet, I love tweeting, I love yoga, I love running, I love our woods, I love elephant! Anything is possible! Cheers 🙂

  12. Erica T says:

    Oh man! So great. Can someone help me get the embedding code for this video? I'd like to share!

  13. Jayne says:

    I love THIS child!!!

  14. teresa says:

    I love our earth,everything on it and all around it. I am blessed with a great job serving people and a great family. My extended family are all those on earth and beyond.I love and that is my morning prayer(or whatever you would like to call it).

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  16. Middleman says:

    I like my likes!