Miss USA crowns Muslim-Christian, Arab-American Rima Fakih.

Via Waylon Lewis
on May 17, 2010
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Donald Trump’s Miss USA Pageant crowns Muslim-Christian, Arab-American Rima Fakih.

Well, in these chaotic times, it’s great to have a first on the positive front.

Even if said “first” comes in the decidedly old school Miss USA content—a pageant that started as a swimsuit competition in 1952, back before the Mad Men era.

Rima Fakih of Michigan was crowned Miss USA Alternate
Rima Fakih of Michigan was crowned Miss USA.

Excerpt via The New York Times:

Pageant organizers on Sunday night crowned a 24-year-old Lebanese immigrant from Michigan as Miss USA 2010.

Rima Fakih was born in Lebanon, moved to the United States as a baby and was raised in New York City, where she attended a Catholic school. She told pageant organizers her family celebrates both Muslim and Christian faiths…She said she planned to attend law school after completing her term as Miss USA….During the pageant, Ms. Fakih nearly fell in her evening gown because of the length of its train. However, she recovered. During the interview she was asked whether she thought birth control should be paid for by health insurance. She said she believed it should because it is expensive.

“I believe that birth control is just like every other medication even though it’s a controlled substance,” Fakih said.

Miss Oklahoma USA, Morgan Elizabeth Woolard, was first runner-up. She was asked about Arizona’s new immigration law, and said she supported the law…


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12 Responses to “Miss USA crowns Muslim-Christian, Arab-American Rima Fakih.”

  1. Donovan says:

    Miss Okie lost because she supported the AZ immigration law.

  2. MLV says:

    She's a Muslim…not a Muslim-Christian. She went to a Catholic school, but she's a Shiite Muslim. Plus, she lives in Dearborn, MI which is one of the most populated Muslim cities in the United States.

  3. MLV says:

    This article is so disingenuous. Why did you call her a Muslim-Christian? Does it make it sound better for you to say she's not just a Muslim? You do realize that many Muslims celebrate Christian holidays (like she said her family and my family do) such as Christmas and Easter? And there are many Christians and Jews that I know that celebrate Muslim holidays as well. You should really edit this article and call her what she is…Muslim.

  4. viahttp://www.facebook.com/elephantjournal
    Titilia C
    This is what I love about the States.

    Irene G
    Rima Fakih!! Cheers!

    What a story. Restores my faith in the people of this country.
    This is a huge "Yes!" from the Abundant Universe. I love it!

    Steve D
    God is Great!

    David F
    …And yet the fact that she has been labeled "Muslim-Christian, Arab-American" just further separates her and everyone else. Until we can look past the "identity labels" and just see people as people, society will continue to be shocked and amazed when someone who is labeled differently as the majority is successful. This shouldn't be a story further than any other Miss America pageant. Would everyone be so congratulatory if the winner was your typical Southern belle?

    David–diversity isn't the problem. Acknowledging our differences, which can be positive, is the beginning of appreciation. That said, sure, after such 'firsts' as the above, hopefully we'll forget about such distinctions from a negative point of view.

  5. Sinecta says:

    Even harder not to laugh at anything having to do with Donald Trump.

  6. Debra Morgan says:

    what a nice belly! shes so cute. I think she deserves it.

  7. youssef ibrahim says:

    what the fxxx is a Muslim/Christian. Never heard of that category. I am from there. It does not exist. Can we be MORE ignorant please

  8. Wow. She's Muslim. I basically quoted the text from the announcement, and from the Times' coverage. Sorry if somehow offensive. I'm Buddhist-American, if it makes you feel any better. Also, I'm Jewish-American, English-American, Norman-American, Norwegian-American and Scottish-American. Call me all those things, all you want, you mean anonymous person you.

  9. Feel free to write something, we'll post it! Or, you could just criticize and insult, if makes you feel better. No offense meant–in fact this whole article was posted in pride that she won!

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