May 2, 2010

My problem with Naked Sushi (Nyotaimori).

Where’s the naked sushi male models?

I looove the ladies. Many of us do, including many ladies. But isn’t this 2010? If we’re going to advertise Naked Sushi—the hot new tacky objectificationirific sushi bars, first in NYC, now everywhere are using to reel in customers—wouldn’t some of the men among us and many of the ladies love to see a raw fish-covered naked man on one of the two bars?

‘Cause crass objectification can be fun, when it’s equal opportunity.

Wikipedia: “…Hollywood movies. In Showdown in Little Tokyo, Dolph Lundgren’s character comments on it; nyotaimori was parodied in the 2009 film Brüno, where the title character serves sushi to Paula Abdul on the body of a naked Mexican man, causing her to leave in disgust; in the Sex and the City movie, Samantha Jones makes sushi and covers her body with it for a Valentine’s Day present; in the movie Rising Sun (1993), the character Eddie Sakamura eats sushi off a naked woman before being busted by Harvey Keitel and Wesley Snipes.”

Some videos re our beloved local sponsor, Hapa Sushi:

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Read 21 comments and reply

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