New Target Market: ‘Yoga Moms’ Who Stroller Yoga.

Via YogaDork
on May 27, 2010
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eek. Have we arrived so soon at the (very ick sounding) target consumer demographic status? With all the hootin’ and hollerin’ on an earlier post (remember “Yoga Mom”? Suck it bitches?) you may recall that phrase struck quite a few mamas in chakras! In which “Prana Mama” was the badge of choice.  So, what? Are “yoga moms” the new “soccer moms”? One of our favorite blogs asked that very question and pointed out how video search engine Blinkx has already put the clamp on clumping so-called “yoga moms” into a bona fide demo of their very own! (view chart). Which, you see, makes it all that much easier for advertisers to target this ever-growing group of conscious consumers (with disposable income) more directly.

Brands will be able to target specific segments by showing their ads only to Yoga Moms or Digital Dads. People are classified in the different buckets depending on what they watch. Binkx trains the system by extracting different concepts from each video and matching them to a profile. For instance, videos about children, crafts, soccer, or terrible twos are the types of things Yoga Moms supposedly watch. Advertisers can see the keywords associated with each psychographic profile to determine who they want to go after. [via TechCrunch]

Pyschographic? For Pete’s sake. But you know, they’ve really got something here. Don’t believe us? Maybe that’s because you’ve never heard of stroller yoga! That’s right, just your regular meeting of suburban mommies (and daddies) who are too busy to work out, but could use a communal round of sun salutations. (no, not circus-style yoga with a stroller – that would just be recklessness!) [Read More]


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3 Responses to “New Target Market: ‘Yoga Moms’ Who Stroller Yoga.”

  1. LasaraAllen says:

    Not SO new – "yoga moms" have been a recognized demographic since at least 2008. I know, because I used the term in a marketing plan for a book proposal! (The book didn't go to a publishers, partially because the demographic was too small.)

  2. LasaraAllen says:

    And, there's a lineage – "soccer moms" were actually followed by "security moms" (post 9/11), now on to "yoga moms".

  3. LasaraAllen says:

    And, unabashedly, my Twitter name is yoga_mama. Why worry?