Obama Sides With Bush vs. Northwest Salmon, Recreation Industry.

Via Emily Nuchols
on May 20, 2010
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When President Obama took office, hopes ran high amongst conservation groups.

But today a good part of those hopes were crushed, with the announcement that the Obama Administration will side with a Bush Administration-approved federal plan for endangered wild salmon on the Columbia and Snake Rivers in the Pacific Northwest.

The first attempt for creating a plan of their own for these iconic creatures, the Obama administration choose instead to adopt the failed analysis and strategies previously put into place under Bush’s reign—including ignoring the impacts of climate change on rivers and salmon populations in the Northwest. Salmon advocates are dismayed.

The administration has chosen to wear blinders regarding the impacts of climate change on salmon

…said John Kostyack, the executive director of the National Wildlife Federation’s Wildlife Conservation and Global Warming program. “The science tells us that our rivers and lakes are warming. This administration had an opportunity to confront this problem and to protect salmon from the impacts from climate change. Instead it elected to ignore the impacts and defend a discredited strategy written by the previous administration.”

The decision comes at a painfully ironic time: on the eve of Endangered Species Day.

“We believed the President when he said he would follow science and strengthen the ESA, but the administration has seemingly allowed regional political pressure to trump science and law,” said Brock Evans, President of the Endangered Species Coalition.

Tomorrow is Endangered Species Day. We should be celebrating and working to protect America’s endangered species, but instead, for Columbia Basin salmon, we’re mourning. Even so, make no mistake — we’re not done fighting to save species like wild salmon. They are simply irreplaceable.”

What’s the next step for conservation groups? They will assess the proposed briefing schedule set forth by the federal agencies. Until then, voice your frustration toward an administration that touts support for endangered species, but doesn’t back it up…

…by taking action here.

Keep up to date on the issue at www.wildsalmon.org.

PHOTOS courtesy: Jerome Charaoui and University of Washington, Thomas Quinn.


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5 Responses to “Obama Sides With Bush vs. Northwest Salmon, Recreation Industry.”

  1. Anonymous says:

    there is more than a chance that we could all be a little too accepting and comfortable with Barack Obama and his un-elected crony cabinet calling environmental shots affecting the future of the environment here in North America. Esprcially here in the west. It is now time for all good men and women to march down to Washington and scream! Look what is happening to this natural world of our's. The carrying capacity has been met and we need to bring it to Washington. If the likes of Tea Baggers can capture media attention for 24/7…then why can't an actual moral stand do the same? Lets go to Washington en masse. Let the world know we stand for the complete protection of the few wild places, water, and air. This should anger some of us!

  2. lighthasmass says:

    sigh… Obushama. Same BS different face. I feel sorry for you folks who had so much faith in the guy. He was owned before he stepped foot in the White House. I'll keep the rest of my cynical remarks to myself…

  3. Katy says:

    Okay, I have to ask…..What legislation was passed? I've been seeing these posts for days, but no one is saying what was done. Can someone enlighten me please?

  4. lighthasmass says:

    No legislation was passed; that's not Obushama's job. A executive decision was made to continue the Bush era's plan for salmon conservation (via the ESA) in the NW. He had a chance to alter the course of action as the original course needed reaffirmation or alteration. He went the way of Bush.

  5. caleb says:

    yeah, totally. what a difference it would have been if mccain had been elected; the next best thing to a 3rd bush term (yes, i know). having a vp that could pole dance would be awesome, too. i'm sure that we'd all would be better off*. but then again, we may not even know who the tea bags were and we'd miss out on all their clever slogans. "United States of France"; "Where’s The Fence?"; "Don’t Tax Me Bro". serious. plus, where on earth would glenn be?

    i know what i'm going to do–bumpersticker!!

    *or maybe not. sigh…