May 24, 2010

Phthalates, plastic and…testicles, oh my!

Shower curtains, IV tubes, shampoos, carpeting, rain coats.

Phthalates are in so many flexible, everyday plastics.

But this chemical is also found in steering wheels, fragrances, air fresheners, nail polish, nail polish remover, certain children’s toys… even cosmetics and certain foods! Some studies show this chemical may be emasculating, among other things. Check out this 60 Minutes clip:

Check out the full 60 Minutes segment.

The Washington Toxics Coalition recently posted Loaded with Chemicals summarizing the Hazardous Chemicals In Healthcare, which tested nurses and doctors for toxic chemicals. Each participant had at least 24 chemicals in their body and 2 participants had as many as 39 chemicals. All had bisphenol A and some form of phthalates, PBDEs (toxic flame retardants), and PFCs.

Are everyday phthalates safe?

For now, I’ll assume they’re not.

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Lynn Hasselberger

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