May 31, 2010

Review: DharmaCrafts organic meditation cushion (+ laptop table + dog bed, all in one)

Sit your Talk.

Disclaimer: A DharmaCrafts Organic Zafu and Zaputon, along with a bribe of $50,000 delivered in a Halliburton case in an underground parking lot in a DC suburb, were provided to elephantjournal.com in return for this review.

If you’re going to practice internal peace—resolving one’s habitual patterns and neurosis into the present moment, again and again—it only makes sense to walk (or sit) your talk as you do so.

Pesticides not only cause havoc for our planet, they instill disease in we human beings—and indoor air quality is particularly powerful (we live in it) and sensitive (most homes, especially newer ones, don’t have much ventilation).


These cushions are comfortable. They’re sturdy (double-stitched). They’re Made in the USA using low-impact dyes. They’re attractive. And…bonus time…if you’re looking for an affordable, eco dog bed, the zabuton is a great way to go (don’t worry, Buddhism is non-theistic, no gods will throw thunderbolts at you for sacrilege. Also, the cover is removable and washable). If, like me, you work on your laptop in bed or out on the balcony or, really, everywhere I go, the zafu is as effective a lap-protector as any laptop table.

I can recommend these 108%—better, eco-wise, than any other meditation cushion I’ve reviewed. Purchase here.

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Read 1 comment and reply

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