May 31, 2010

review: Ely Organics’ Miessence Organic Skincare: Shampoo, Toothpaste, Bodycare.


via Ely Organics

Note: I received these products for free in return for a review on elephantjournal.com. That said, I’m always brutally honest, unless it’s inconvenient to be so, in which case I smile, wink and bullshit. ~ ed.

Basic info via Erin Ely herself:

“miessence is formulated by Narelle Chenery, she started making the products at home. It’s manufactured in Australia: the products have been food standard certified organic since 2002, making miessence the world’s first extensive line of certified organic skin & body care. miessence is warehoused in Nevada for the US market and that’s the shipping location for all orders in the US.miessence dessert flower shampoo (normal to dry hair).”

I’m a guy. I’m an eco guy. So there’s two things I care about, when it comes to my bathroom and what I put on my body.

> Is it organic?

(You know, skin absorbs close to 90% of what you put on it, and since bodycare products bypass our liver, toxins are particularly damagins when they pass through the skin). Within this category, I look for signs of mindfulness generally: no animal testing, fair trade sourcing, minimal shipping, and eco-responsible packaging. miessence is superlative in all but the last two categories.

> And, does it work?

So I’ll keep my reviews simple, below:

> The only one I didn’t love was the shampoo, which is so watery that it’s hard to get from your hand to your head.

> Two thumbs up. Really works, makes my hair silky smooth: miessence shine herbal hair conditioner (all types).

> My hair is fine, thank you. If it weren’t, I’d use happily. miessence certified organic protect B-5 hair repair.

> Don’t use the stuff, but organic hair control stuff is a rarer sight than Sarah Palin on a bicycle: miessence certified organic shape styling gel.

> Warning, gents: not for your cereal. Good stuff: miessence certified organic tropicana body milk.

> Lovely: miessence mint toothpaste.

Skin care:

If I were the kind of person who cared about cleanser, I’d use this. > miessence certified organic balancing cleanser.

Love it. > miessence certified organic balancing conditioner.

Especially here in Colorado, all about the moisturizer. Dig it. > miessence certified organic balancing moisturizer.

Overall, one of the best companies I’ve reviewed. Will be happy to use their products for years to come.

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