June 1, 2010

Sexist Maxim Photo Spread? Hack it.

Original text above original photo, in Maxim, a “lad” mag:

“Doesn’t every guy want to see a girl on her knees scrubbing the bathroom floor with a toothbrush while wearing lingerie?”

~ Audrina of The Hills.

The Hack by RequiemofSyris + her Roommates, who drew on the above Maxim spread they’d posted and doodled all over, “more for kicks than anything,” in their bathroom:

“I like to see a girl in the study, proof-reading her just-completed astrophysics thesis while sipping Earl-Grey tea in her tweed sweater and modest, conservative plaid pencil skirt.”

Via Robert Quigley: “Even more impressively, they actually drew glasses, clothes, and an astrophysics tome into the picture. Not only a great subversion of Maxim’s pandery lad-mag ethos, but, in our opinion, far more attractive.”



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Bonus: Yoga & Social Justice:

Halifax Roshi:

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Read 11 comments and reply

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