Stephen Colbert vs. Crazy Environmentalist Woman vs. Phillip Seymour Sweatervest.

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on May 6, 2010
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drying clothes outside illegal fine

Do you have a Right to Dry (Outside)?

Bend, Oregon: hotbed of people who dare to “devalue our property.”

Susan’s been fined $1,000 for drying her clothes…not in a dryer.

The Enemy Within – Backyard Clothesline

Neighbors have fined Susan Taylor for violating subdivision rules, but nothing will stop her from drying her clothes outside.

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The Enemy Within – Backyard Clothesline
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5 Responses to “Stephen Colbert vs. Crazy Environmentalist Woman vs. Phillip Seymour Sweatervest.”

  1. The Deacon says:

    If it didn't make me laugh I'd be reverting to my inner cynic.

  2. Jesus Christ says:

    that was too funny!!!

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  4. Philana H
    ong that's genious! and who the heck would oppose someone saving electricity? ignorance! but when it comes from mr colbert, entertainment!
    Amen. Love how he makes fun of the notion that this might be a threat to anyone.

    Christina M
    It is ridiculous to buy a home in a development that has an HOA and then attempt to do things your own way. It is every homeowners responsibility to read the bylaws when the sign the papers at the time of purchase. If you want the freedom to have things that are not uniform, like a clothesline, then have the sense to purchase or rent outside of a development/subdivision with an HOA .

    I think it's ridiculous to find a clothesline an eyesore, but I also know I could never live with the rules of a condo association or HOA.
    What if an HOA stipulates the spraying of poison on your grass? Don't members have a right to protest? Interesting point, Christina!

    Christina M
    I don't know. HOAs have a lot of powers, including the power to foreclose if you don't pay their fines.I would think that many hOAs do require the use of poisons as lawn maintenance is included in some HOA fees and other ones have requirements for weeds and pests. I would guess that you would have a very hard time fighting it if the requirement existed when you moved in. I don't know how hard it is to fight a new rule they are trying to impose on people who already live there.

    You have me wondering if their are any HOAs that stipulate you cannot use any poisons on your property. I am wondering if this lady wanted to live in suburbia, in a subdivision with an HOA and with other people who drive a prius and want to use a clothesline could she find a little cookie cutter community for quasi-environmentalists? There are "green" developments, d the HOAs reflect the selling points of the home construction?

    Christina M
    yikes! crazy typo. .. if THERE are any HOAs is what I meant….

    Sara Yellich
    Ah… my new hometown. Don't let three crazy people and and an HOA fool you- it's a great place!

    Trine Wilson
    FABULOUS!!!!!!! i am now a Colbert fan!!

    Roz Lynn Dorf
    Someone who I can relate to, since I am also fighting my HOA, trying to stop herbicide spraying at my condo in Boulder.
    Roz, any time you want to write something on ele, I know we've tried to connect a bit, I'd be honored. Just email to [email protected]

    Roz Lynn Dorf
    I will write something about HOA's. My new murder mystery concerns HOAs.

    Kate Glover
    Just because you live in an HOA doesn't mean you don't have any rights. You can speak out and talk to your neighbors and the board. Things can change- you might just have to be REALLY patient- right Roz?!

  5. Petz says:

    for those interested in this story, might be interested in new initiative from Levi Strauss & co. to push this dialogue forward! They're questioning the proposition that clotheslines are unsightly… and in an effort to raise awareness of all the innovative, attractive and sustainable solutions out there for drying clothes are hosting the Care to Air Design Challenge. Read more about it here: