May 4, 2010

Today is Tuesday and we are just normal elephants.

Today is just a normal day,

and we are just normal people who are trying.

First thing, daddy will say goodbye!


and then we will begin.

…better put in a load of laundry…..it’s not going to do it on it’s own!


…..and take five deep breaths…


……if you find that your fridge is running out of food,

this might be a good opportunity to clean it.

Cleaning the fridge shows your loved one you care in a way that baking a chocolate dessert for them never can.

(who knows how hair gets all the way to the back, but it does.)

taking things out you will begin to re-evaluate what you really need.

And what has been in there way too long.

That’s not mine! Who put that in there?

(Always remember to thank your loved ones for putting up with your funkiness)

Being green is a process that we could always be doing better.

like Ugh!….plastic waste!

It’s tempting to just turn your head and trash it, but where does it go?

We started out wanting none,

but somehow it got in!

I was asking my friend, Michele other day: “If I’m someone who’s asking others to be Green,

does that mean I have to make the greenest choice that I can EVERY time?


going against the flow is hard.

We get so many different messages.

But how do we want other people to see us?

…who are we anyway?

Every day is a chance…

Just say to yourself…

“… if I’m going to partly clean the refrigerator, I might as well clean the whole refrigerator.”

even the stuff that wasn’t yours,

but probably, actually, it was …..and it’s disgusting!

Take a look…

Now, raise the water….

Elephants, bring the water!

Regina Spektor- Aquarius

lveo. peace~

the traveling neighborhood

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