May 14, 2010

WARNING: Contents may provide excitement.

Four Ways to Instantly Spice Up Your Life.

One of the most enjoyable things that I have always done for myself is to try new things as often as possible.  Changing your usual mix of things is refreshing, fun, and helps us to step outside of our usual routines.

Here are my personal favorites:

Urban Running: The art of using a city as your running playground, using the urban landscape to run, jump, and move in a  high cardio fashion…  The You Tube Video below rocks, but I love to run through downtown areas, jumping up and down off of retaining walls, over flower pots and bushes, leaping over fountains, and running up any set of stairs I see.  Having a sweet mix on your iPod is always a bonus.  Try D.J. Irene’s album: Rockstar Royalty.


Choose a Different Style Yoga Class: Don’t do yoga yet?  I would definitely recommend it!  When it comes to trying a new class at a new studio, doing something you normally don’t do at yoga, it is a lesson in humility and always having a beginners mind.  Google key words: bikram, hip hop, kundalini, power or Iyengar along with your city’s name.  Step outside your yoga box, and learn something new!

A Completely Random Event: One of my favorite things is to choose a random event from an event listing like Westword in Denver (burlesque show, anyone?), or purchasing Groupon deal to a restaurant that I have never even heard of, or googling a new coffee shop that I’ve never been to and just going. You may find your new favorite place to eat or go this way, and because these things are so off of your beaten path, something new awaits.  If this seems too hard, I suggest finding an event listing, closing your eyes, and then placing your finger on the page!

Picking Up a New Form of Fun Movement: Hula Hooping?  T’ai Chi? Brazillian Capoeira? Pole dancing class? BUNGEE JUMPING?


Pole dancing for fitness is one of my new favorites.  Four years of yoga, and I couldn’t even lift myself up on the pole the first class, but a few classes later, I am feeling much more confident!

Life is supposed to be fun, so go out and explore!  Let me know how it goes.

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