What Do Perez Hilton and (some) Raw Foodies Have in Common?

Via Rachel Steele
on May 19, 2010
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They’re both being too hard on Amanda Seyfried.

Perez Hilton is a huge misogynist.  But this isn’t groundbreaking; it’s actually fairly old news, or at least, fairly obvious. But his latest reasons for taking Seyfried to task infuriate me in a different way than his constant doodling on Vanessa Hudgens.  He most recently lambasted her for saying that she doesn’t know if her boyfriend, History Boys thespian hottie and Mamma Mia co-star Dominic Copper, is the One.  ZOMG!!! She’s 24, and she’s not sure if she wants to get married and spend the rest of her life with the guy she’s dating.  SLUT!  He then lumps this as the latest TMI from her, the last of which was Seyfried revealing that her tattoo means vagina, at least in British slang.  It can also refer to pubic hair on a vagina, which kind of makes me happy because that means enough woman still have pubic hair that we still need slang for it, but that’s a different post…Again, ZOMG!!  A woman used the word vagina, in an empowering, positive way. AWFUL. It’s not like Perez would use such crass language, like cunt or pussy, or pussy again.  Oh. Wait. Hm.  So let’s get this straight, using slang for the word vagina to degrade or mock someone is okay, but not when a women takes control of her sexuality.  Right.  I know that one.  I’m all to familiar with that one actually.

The thing is though, Amanda Seyfried has been taken to task before this, and not just by Perez, but again for all the wrong things.  She recently gave an interview to Esquire in which three things occured that garnered media attention. She took her Birth Control Pill.  She took a prescription anti-anxiety medication.  And, she talked about how miserable she was on her raw food diet of spinach and nuts.  First, she was criticized for taking Birth Control in public (public being a reporter and being comfortable enough to admit to being on the pill when he questioned her about it).  I think this is a personal thing, whether a woman feels comfortable taking her pill in front of others or in the privacy of wherever, but it’s been 50 years since the pill revolutionized reproductive rights and when a young starlet shows she’s responsible for her sex life and not getting pregnant accidentally, this is something to be outraged about?

Second, she took a Lexapro for anxiety.  However, Lexapro is taken daily to treat anxiety disorders over the long term, and therefor cannot be abused in the way Xanax can.  So, she’s taking a medicine she needs and not snorting coke at the Chateau Marmont, and she gets called out.  The stigma surrounding mental health disorders and diseases has long irked me, as I was raised by two mental health professionals, again another post, or really, another 500 posts if you want me to really get into being the progeny of a house of Psychiatry.  (Sidenote: Here’s a great campaign featuring Glenn Close about combating said stigma.  It almost makes up for that one movie she did in the 80s that one time that is probably the single worst portrayal of women to come out of that decade.  A difficult feat since the era is known for making women in film look awful.)   And finally, now that I’ve digressed for the last time, she was criticized for giving the raw food diet a bad rap.  Too be fair, raw foodies do eat more than spinach and nuts, but is that the real issue here?  This poor woman is starving herself to conform to Hollywood’s standards.  She admitted she was eating that way  to keep landing roles (and specifically mentioned Mamma Mia) and that her diet is “awful.”  Eating only spinach and nuts=eating disorder, but eating for Amanda Seyfried=losing jobs.  No one really seemed to be talking about that, or how they seemed to have used photoshop to remove her nipples in the Esquire spread, which is just creepy.

Well, I’ll admit that was a rant, but believe it or not, I still have two things to say:  One, the Jewish mother in me really wants to make her a sandwich.  And two, Oy Vey.

This post originally appeared as “Perez Hilton STFU and leave Amanda Seyfried Alone!” on my blog womanofsteele.


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10 Responses to “What Do Perez Hilton and (some) Raw Foodies Have in Common?”

  1. That whole Miss California flap kinda made people forget that Perez makes his living as a douchebag, since he was so much less a douchebag than Carrie PreJean, or whatever her name was.

    Americans' relationship with celebrity is an interesting one: the incredible eagerness to put people on pedestals combined with the equally strong impulse to crucify them as cruelly and with as little justification as possible…hence giving people like Perez Hilton careers, not to mention creating those magazines at the Supermarket that'll give close-ups of some young starlet's cellulite one month and then, a few months down the road, attack her for being too skinny (and even throw in some faux-compassionate comments about the anorexia epidemic they've helped create).

    I'm the son of a psychiatrist and a social worker, by the way…and fit every stereotype associated with that…

  2. Ketster says:

    Awesome article!! Thank you!! Insightful and right on!! Refreshing change for Elephant of late, what with Katie Perry and the elephant trunk and the stripper on the toilet photos….

  3. We proudly welcome feminist voices, you should write something for us! I'd be honored, and as you say it'd help add some diversity to our forum.

    And funny, the "stripper on a toilet" image as you call it was an underwear ad, illustrating a post about how to relate to lust and objects of lust in the Buddhist tradition…something that, if followed, might reduce a lot of sexual harassment, and worse.http://www.elephantjournal.com/2010/05/tortured-b

    And Katie Perry, like her or no, is a kick-ass woman. That photo was of her playing the fool, intentionally. Is something about having a sense of humor and respect for oneself/other women antithetical?http://www.elephantjournal.com/2010/04/katy-perry

  4. Oh, I give you a thumbs up for the enthusiasm. Props and thanks.

  5. KelsiC says:

    I am just SO happy you wrote about this Rach!!! I loooo-oooo-ooove Amanda Seyfried so much. Almost as much as I love your blogs.

  6. Ketster says:

    fair enough… the article with the underwear ad was a good one, the picture was absurd and did take a little something away from the message. As for Katie Perry, we can agree to disagree…. not sure when she lost me, could have been the "I kissed a girl" song…

  7. rachel says:

    Kester, I HATE the I kissed a girl song. Ugh! The song from Jill Sobule was such an amazing and empowering song, especially for the LGBQT community Not that there's anything wrong with being bi-curious, as the girl in Katy's song seems to be, but the whole "hope my boyfriend doesn't mind," really takes away from the genuine, raw, and beautiful aspect of experimenting with sexuality.

  8. Andrew Armiger says:


  9. Rachel says:

    Aw, you just made my week, at the least 🙂