BP Oil Leak capped, leaking 4 Million Gallons more a day, now!

Via Waylon Lewis
on Jun 8, 2010
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Stephen Colbert + animals kick BP CEO Tony Hayward ass, show President Obama how to be angry.

Oh, and check those guns at the door, Colbert:

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2 Responses to “BP Oil Leak capped, leaking 4 Million Gallons more a day, now!”

  1. ARCreated says:

    OK colbert was funny of course (I loved the sea turtle driving) but Bejeesus really? Obama not angry enough? I just finished reading how Rand criticized him for saying angry words about BP and that he was Un-american for bad mouthing big business….AAAAHHHHHHH….doesn't anyone else see how impossible the situation it is for a leader? angry but not too angry…criticized for wearing "fancy" pants (and if he had dressed down probably called out for that) SHEEESH….do people really have nothing else to do? focusing on the president is just silly….keep the atttention on what matters: stopping the leak and saving the animals. (PS —- so really the only reason the spill is going on isn't because they can't stop it but they don't want to stop it and not be able to get oil from it??? am I getting that right?)

  2. Amen! Perfeto! Agree!