BP spends $50 million on advertising, buys google search terms for “oil spill,” etc.

Via Waylon Lewis
on Jun 4, 2010
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President Obama: “Furious”; BP continues to clamp down (and buy up) on media coverage.

BP buys google search terms for “oil spill,” “gulf disaster,” etc .

Search “oil spill,” “gulf disaster,” etc…you’ll find BP’s site ranked number one. Why? They’re paying upward of $10K/day to Google. But that’s not all! They’re all over the airwaves, with commercials greenwashing their blackened brand.

All this, while good ol’fashioned media coverage of the Oil Spill is more restricted than that of, say, the Iraq War. Why? Because a private business is in charge.

Via James Cameron, of all people, a salient point:

“Sure, thev’ve got lot of cameras down there, but do we want BP choosing where they’re pointed? It’s easy to coordinate multiple cameras on the seabed. It’s nothing more dire than combat. Reporters and the media are allowed in combat situations. Why not when a foreign corporation working in the U.S. economic zone has created the biggest hit to the environment ever and a huge hit to the economy of the southern states?”

President Barack Obama:

“My understanding is that BP has contracted for $50 million worth of TV advertising to manage their image during the course of this disaster.

In addition, there are reports that BP will be paying $10.5 billion – that’s billion, with a B – in dividend payments this quarter.

Now I don’t have a problem with BP fulfilling its legal obligations, but I want BP to be very clear they’ve got moral and legal obligations here in the Gulf for the damage that has been done. And what I don’t want to hear is, when they’re spending that kind of money on their shareholders, and spending that kind of money on TV advertising, that they’re nickel-and-diming fisherman or small businesses here in the Gulf who are having a hard time.”

“They say they want to make it right – that’s part of their advertising campaign – well we want them to make it right.”

“The fact that BP could pay a $10.5 billion dividend payment is indicative of how much money these folks have been making. Given the fact that they didn’t fully account for the risks, I don’t want somebody else bearing the costs of those risks that they took.”

Click below for NY Times’ must-see new photo slideshow, showing the first images that’ve surfaced, nearly 7 weeks after the spill (they were taken by a photographer on a tour with Gov. Jindal):

While it’s become popular to say it’s not BP’s fault, but our own—and while I halfway agree—I also vehemently disagree.

Why? Because basic safeties were not put in place, or kept in place by BP.

Back to President Obama:

“We discovered that companies like BP, who had provided assurances that they had failsafe, back-up, redundant systems, in fact not only didn’t have failsafe systems but had no idea what to do when those failsafe systems broke down.”

Bonus, Rachel Maddow:

A BP ad:

Via Jimmy Kimmel, a spoof:

Via Second City, another Spoof: “Brown. It’s the new Green.”


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6 Responses to “BP spends $50 million on advertising, buys google search terms for “oil spill,” etc.”

  1. via http://www.facebook.com/elephantjournal
    Katy D
    those f***ers. They are not allowed to leave this as an intact company.

    Pat W
    Those pristine white sugar sand beaches are a thing of the past. They will never get the oil out in our lifetimes.

    Jennifer F
    i'm with Katy. those g*ddamn f*ckers.

    Pam Durant
    This saddens me to beyond words…coastal areas near where I grew up are damaged so badly..however, I thought this was also some good food for thought… http://epaper.khaleejtimes.com/KT/KT/2010/06/04/A

    Roz Lynn Dorf
    I turn the channel when their ads come on.

    Grant Lowe
    It goes to show that businesses are not totally into serving the public's interest – or they are only it as so far it suits their own interest. The govt is SUPPOSED to counterbalance that.

    Grant Lowe
    I hope that someone sues the XXXX out of the Company

    Amen, Grant, on your first point. Government is our only real counterbalance to corporate power. Our voices have to give it the resolve to act.

  2. Jennifer Pastiloff
    so sad.

    Liz Lewis Joseph
    I can't look. I just can't.

    Carlos A. Inada
    NYT has also published photos by the same photographer: http://j.mp/aKDd8a

    Tressa Nolan
    all you sentient beings i have a good or bad connection with, ever since you had left this confused dimension may you be born in the west in sukhavati, and once you're born there complete the bhumis and the paths

    Felicia AndGlenn Bessen
    so sadddddd

    Jessica Moore-Irvin
    Brutal. :(:(:(

    Laura Marjorie Miller
    We have to look at these. The photographers who get these are in great pain to take them, and BP doesn't want us to see these images. We have to look because such a great price is being paid for us to be able to see with clear eyes. (And yes, I want to die every time I look at them.)

    Margie Marie Sennett-Antunes
    I want to scream every time I see these photos, I don't know why BP isn't doing something????? Every day is another day lost to getting the job DONE and CORK it, DO SOMETHING AT LEAST…IT JUST FILLS ME WITH SORROW…AND THEN ANGER SEEPS IN….!

    Waylon Lewis
    They're saying August at best, Xmas at worst for stopping the leak. Really, no one has any idea how to plug this…everyone's trying their best…and our best isn't very good, at all—putting the lie to "offshore drilling is safe."

  3. Doesn't there a come a point when the military or national guard can be placed in charge of BP and make them do what they need to do by force?

  4. Tiffany says:

    Those photos are devastating. This is unbelievable – and with no end in sight. Absolutely heartbreaking.

  5. […] is still a mess – spending major money on advertising; in an attemp to pump up “their good” But I don’t think consumers are buying it […]

  6. Glenn Strub says:

    I will sincerely point out you actually make many great points and I will post a number of good ideas to add to briefly.

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