June 23, 2010

Hunting: More Moral.

Above: a Deer Hunter (Literally)

via the Whoa.

I respect hunters and fishermen and women, who consume what they hunt as opposed to those of us who enjoy meat and cheese wrapped in plastic from the grocery or restaurant, fresh from a factory farm, with someone else doing all the intense work of seeing and propagating suffering, not just death.
But I do not think hunting should be characterized as a “sport.”

It’s brutal stuff. I’ve never hunted, but just watching the video below, the closest I’ve come, is painful. Still, I have friends who are hunters, and if you’re gonna eat meat, I guess it’s better the closer and more direct you are to the source.

And at least these deer aren’t imprisoned in dark, crowded, brutal factory farms, fed corn and fattened to the point where they can’t walk.

That’s how our chicken comes to us—far more brutal:

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