June 21, 2010

Every second, 2 football fields worth of rainforest are lost.

64 acres of rainforest are being destroyed per minute… 2.8 million acres per month.

The founder of Andira Rain Tees, Beth Doane–one of the most down-to-earth, loving people I’ve ever met–empowers children to help save rain forests. Beth is an inspiration. You’ll know what I mean once you’ve seen this short video …


Guided by their mantra, ‘saving trees with tees,’ Andira Rain Tees combines the power of 100% organic materials, fair labor and a steadfast goal: for every organic cotton rain tee sold, a tree is donated to Kids Saving the Rain Forest to replace a destroyed one.

Andira Rain Tee - Toucan

Rainforests cover only 2% of the Earth’s surface, yet house 2/3 of all living species on the planet.

70% of the 3000 plants identified as active against cancer cells by the US National Cancer Institute are found in the rain forest. Nearly half the medicine compounds we use every day come from plants endemic to the tropical rainforest.

More rainforest facts…

… Rainforests are critical in maintaining the Earth’s limited supply of drinking and fresh water.

Photo: Mark Godfrey/TNC

… Almost half of the world’s original 4 billion acres of rainforest are now gone. The area lost equals the combined size of Washington, Idaho, California, Nevada and Arizona.

… By conservative estimates, 9,000 species are going extinct each year, most of them from the rainforests.

… We are presently experiencing the largest mass extinction since the demise of the dinosaurs… only this time it’s occurring at a much faster rate.

… rainforests in Equador are home to “the other oil disaster.”

How can I help? you ask…

— Visit Rain Forest Action Network where, if a tree falls, they make a noise.

— Click here to help save the rainforest in one click!

— Plant trees with the Green World Campaign.

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