I {Pot} Sarah Palin.

Via Waylon Lewis
on Jun 22, 2010
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It’s the Golden Rule of Dope Enforcement.

Pot may not be my thing, as a Buddhist, but who am I to rain on anyone else’s parade?

Sarah Palin and I disagree on just about everything, not that she’s noticed. But now, here, finally, she seems kinda common-sense on something: if it ain’t hurting anyone, why get all hot and bothered?

It’s the Golden Rule of Dope Enforcement. AOL:

Sarah Palin says recreational pot smoking is “relatively speaking a minimal problem” in America.

“I think we need to prioritize our law enforcement efforts,” she said. “If somebody’s gonna smoke a joint in their house and not do anybody any harm, then perhaps there are other things our cops should be looking at to engage in and try to clean up some of the other problems we have in society.”

…However, via National Ledger:

“I’m not for the legalization of pot…I think that would just encourage especially our young people to think that it was OK to just go ahead and use it.”

For more, click Dopey Law.


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3 Responses to “I {Pot} Sarah Palin.”

  1. Krys says:

    Um, regarding that last quote, when compared to legal items like cigarettes, alcohol, and prescription drugs, pot IS okay, and people should go ahead and use it. (And before you ask, no, I'm not a smoker of anything.)

  2. If a broken clock can be right twice a day, I see no reason why Sarah Palin can't be almost right once in, like, y'know…forever…

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