If We Buy It, They Will Drill.

Via Lindsay Jean Thomson
on Jun 24, 2010
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I spotted this poster while walking in my San Francisco neighborhood and it took my breath away. If we buy it, they will drill for it. So what are we – as consumers, as animal rights and eco activists, as residents of this planet – going to do about it?


About Lindsay Jean Thomson

Lindsay Jean Thomson is a San Francisco-based vinyasa flow yoga teacher. She teaches at International Orange and is the co-founder of Flex Hour Yoga.


6 Responses to “If We Buy It, They Will Drill.”

  1. Greg says:

    Move to a different planet? NASA is probably looking for dudes that will risk their butts on the first Mars missions. Not much chance of survival, but…

    Or, one could not buy it. True. But then as the economy grinds to a halt and we return to the Stone Age, what happens? One thing for sure, they do not even talk about stopping foreclosures. No way. Over. Shut 'er down.

    The thing the poster maker is missing is that the BP spill was caused by outright, gross incompetence and negligence. The technology to prevent this spill was there. The knowledge to prevent this spill was there. They knew this was an unsafe design. It did not have to happen. No way this had to happen.

    BP had the worst safety record imaginable. They were way out of line. Any idiot could have looked and said, "Wait, these guys are a bloody accident waiting to happen. Let's get them in here and get this straightened out." But no, the changes to the Deepwater Horizon sailed through MMS two weeks before the disaster. No problem. No oversight. Just a wink and a nod from the Obama crew.

    And, oh, btw, BP put big money in Obama campaign. And John Podesta, paid by Soros, who gives Obama his marching orders, has a brother who lobbies for BP! Wait. WTF, isn't that a conflict of interest? Why are liberals not getting this?

    And, why, one must ask, did Obama refuse help and equipment from so many nations who offered help? Why the hell would Obama, who just loves the environment, not bring in all the help offered? Why would the Obama administration stop boats from skimming? Why would they stop the building of berms? Why would they use only a small percentage of the skimmers available in this country? Wait, why would he want oil to wash up on beaches?

    And, oh, btw, Soros, who runs the administration, has big money tied up in Petrobras of Brazil who will drill much deeper than the Deepwater Horizon. And they will gladly take the idled rigs. What is that about? C'mon, everyone was so on it with Cheney having conflicts of interest (as they should have been) but now political blindness sets in? Oh, I can't see what the Spooky Dude is doing, oh, that just can't be true.

    C'mon, folks do not play into this blatant manipulation of public opinion. Puh–leeze do not do the lemming walk off the cliff. This is so rigged it makes a carnival con man look like a halo wearing saint. Does anyone on this site understand exactly how Soros made his fortune? Please, please do the research.

  2. lindsay jean says:

    Obviously BP was horribly negligent. But we are part of the problem. It's easy to point fingers and call names, less so to accept responsibility.

  3. Tiffany says:

    Thanks for sharing, Lindsay – this certainly breaks it down in a memorable way. I really hope the Gulf spill inspires us to create some real change.

  4. kwen says:

    What am I going to do about it?! That’s very proactive language… For me, it’s as much about what I don’t do as what I do, and that takes a lot of consciousness about the impact of individual choice. Personally, this includes NOT creating MORE consumers. What this boils down to in the bigger picture is the relationship between procreation and capitalism (as well as patriarchy & the oppression of women). Because of our choices in our time here, humans are simply no longer capable stewards of this planet or its resources, on which we depend to survive.

    When will people realize that the value of money is entirely imagined(?!)~ the restitution $ that BP has promised means nothing as our enviornment is PRICELESS. This money is promised only to placate people who don’t realize they have already been brainwashed by the capitalism of our society.

    Perhaps people are beginning to realize that responsibility is not just for politicians, and that balance cannot be attained from left or right, conservatism nor liberalism?! No matter who you voted for, or whose perspective you support politically~ it’s essentially just a fraction of the illusion designed to keep people from seeing the bigger picture. (how much of an impact their OWN choices can make…)

  5. considering the damage from that one little square of a spill, it gives me shivers to think about how much potential there is for more disaster (given the massive tower of squares). And of course there have been so many more (thinking about the damage to the amazon and the indigenous people's of Ecuador, as one under-publicized example).

    What can we do? Put more energy into the change than we do into the problem, for starters. Thanks Lindsay…

  6. Greg says:

    If one accepts responsibility falsely, the problem does not go away.

    It is a core concept in Buddhism, for example, that one must observe causes and conditions precisely in order to make unwanted situations vanish.

    If you accept responsibility, you do not fix the negligence. You do not fix the government corruption. You do not fix the lies and the propaganda.

    If you correctly assign responsibility, you prevent future negligence, you end government corruption, and you bring the truth where previously there were only lies.

    It does matter how one approaches this situation.