If You Ever Had Enough Could You Recognize It?

Via Lindsay Jean Thomson
on Jun 10, 2010
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I like words of wisdom from bumper stickers and sidewalk art.

It’s a good question: when do you ever have enough of what you want? Of dessert, of money, of love, of sex, or even of  challenging yoga postures? Are we ever really content with who we are, what we have, what we can do? What do you need to be content? What is enough? Can what you have right now be enough for you? If it’s not, what are you doing about it?


About Lindsay Jean Thomson

Lindsay Jean Thomson is a San Francisco-based vinyasa flow yoga teacher. She teaches at International Orange and is the co-founder of Flex Hour Yoga.


2 Responses to “If You Ever Had Enough Could You Recognize It?”

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  2. April says:

    Great Post – makes a big point in a small space. ♥
    I linked to this post from my latest blog post.