ONE lOVE, Off the Mat, Into the World, The Seva Challenge: TEXAS is into YOGA

One thing I’ve noticed since I’ve been in America is the sensation that Americans experience when Texas is mentioned in conversation (especially the Texans) usually there is an ironic and uncomfortable moment where they look at you as if you knew why they feel disconnected from their hometown.Through time I’ve learned to understand that this injury has been done through politics and very bad decisions made by the Bush Administration who happens to be from Texas and by the Texans that were lured by his point of view and supported all nonsense. A black aura of environmental destruction and materialism seemed to smoke the Texan perception of reality. Plus no need to mention the racism that display in ignorance within the communities of the city.This being said, I am very happy to share with you the letter I got this morning from Melody Moore about this beautiful yoga happening in Texas…blessings to the Texans and may love keep blossoming.

Hi Yessica (via Anna),
Thank you for offering to write about us in Elephant!  My family live in Denver, so I am familiar with the great magazine!  One Love Dallas is a brainchild of my collaborator Jen Chitwood, owner of Uptown Yoga Studios in Dallas, and myself, a psychologist in private practice in Dallas.  The two of us each took Off the Mat, Into the World’s Global Seva Challenge 2010.  In doing so, we pledged to raise a minimum of $20,000 EACH towards Off the Mat’s endeavors in South Africa, including four non-profit grass roots organizations:  The GOLD Peer education, YouthAIDS, South African Whole Grain Bread Project, and the EarthChild Project.  Each of these organizations has as its mission the eradication of the spreading of HIV/AIDS in South Africa, where, during the month-long FIFA World Cup, 4,500 S. African babies will be born with HIV and over 20,000 S. Africans will die from AIDS.  Over 40% of those under 20 years old are HIV/AIDS positive in South Africa!  These numbers are scary, and we wanted to join Seane Corn, Suzanne Sterling, and Hala Kouri at Off the Mat in making a difference if we could.

We decided after attending an Off the Mat leadership intensive training in San Francisco this March that not only did we want to see change in South Africa, but also in our local yoga community.  Dallas, as a rule, has numerous yoga studios and thousands of practicitioners, but there does not seem to be a “community” feel, a place where yogis and yoginis can come together and feel part of a collective, a powerful collective that can do good by doing it together.  And so, with both missions in mind, we came up with One Love Dallas, which is a 108 sun salutation practice fundraiser that will be a reward for those who have raised a minimum of $108 to participate.  The 108 Salutations will be led by 12 teachers from across Dallas, representing 10 yoga studios.  Each has pledged to bring at least 12 of their students.  Therefore, by design, One Love would have raised at least $16,000.  Already, with five days to go, we have 175 people signed up.  The yoga community has been incredibly generous in giving their time and talents.  We had volunteers who created a beautiful interactive website (www.onelovedallas.org) as well as PR materials, sound design, gift bags (courtesy of Lululemon), water donations (courtesy of Glaceau and Starbucks), and snacks (Corner Market).  It should be quite a celebration, for One incredible cause.

I am happy to tell you more about One Love, Off the Mat, Into the World, the Seva Challenge, or anything else.  Please contact me at the email above or at 214.912.8693.

We are welcoming donations that can be made via our website at www.onelovedallas.org

Thanks so much and namaste,
Melody Moore




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