June 30, 2010

Some people think elephant is a local Boulder, Colorado publication. But where are you from?

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Think locally, blog globally.

Where in the World is the average elephant journal Reader?

elephant was born and raised in Boulder, Colorado—as was I.

And, lately, I don’t get out much—the past year point five I’ve been busy building this site up into a real forum for anyone who share a mindful viewpoint about…well, anything. Anyone means you.

And so, not getting out much, I get asked from time to time (usually, by a Boulderite)

“Is elephant is local?”

I always grimace, and smirk, and wink and nudge and hop and skip and jump—all in 1/2 a second (it’s called a seizure).

No, elephant is not local—that is, a Boulder-focused publication. We are, however, proud to be a Boulder-based publication that focuses on everything “mindful,” wherever it happens to be. And we’re adding readers, and, importantly, writers, from every city in the US right now, and Canada. And we’d love more writers from other countries, and are happy to publish in Spanish or French or Japanese or Chinese or Hindi or what-have-you. Email us if you’d like to contribute, and be featured on our site.

Admittedly, the “Local” confusion is understandable—I, the founder, am based here, as are some of our writers, and Boulder itself is the postcard of a city trying to organize itself in a responsible manner. I always say,

“Well, we’re like the little new media Boulder version of The New Yorker—you know, the New Yorker personifies New York in many ways, but isn’t just about NYC.”

So, a friend out of NYC, as it happens, just asked me if I knew where my readers were.

Do you have demographics on your readers? Do you have any sense of where geographically they are?

To which I replied:

Yah, Google Analytics tells us all that down to the inch. Heaven, compared with print, where it was all educated guesstimation. I’ll blog it up, might be interesting.

So, here it is, straight from the guts of Google’s vivesection of our site over the last moonth.

Planet Earth:

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Read 36 comments and reply

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