June 10, 2010

Top 3 Acupressure Nail Beds.

Bed of Nails vs. Pranamat Eco by Advaita vs. Shakti

What’s the fairest Acupressure Mat of them all?

“The origins of massage mats go back to ancient Indian Yogis who used a ‘bed of nails’ for meditation and self-healing.”

1. Bed of Nails

Review via Lindsey Block

“The Bed of Nails Mat is a re-invented modern version of the ancient practice of healing and meditation used by Gurus and Yogis rooted in Indian mysticism.”

I’m more of a massage girl myself, and have consciously steered clear of (what I believed was) acupuncture’s pain. I’m a scrawny thing who obviously hasn’t done enough yoga, and loves to complain about something as small as a splinter…so the idea of lying on the Bed of Nails Acupressure Mat with many little thingies poking me all over my back sounded less than delightful.

But alas, I’ve got a tough job here, so I bucked up and went for it.

I tried it on my feet first, to gauge the prickliness and my sensitivity to it. Felt great. So I moved onto my back. Lying there on a less than eco “bed” (made of non-organic cotton and foam) half the size of a yoga mat with too many spiking (apparently non-toxic) plastic crowns (that are melted in to the cotton, no glue!) to count (over 6,000), I painfully wondered to myself why I was withstanding such torture. But after a few squirming fits, I began to breathe…and relax…and enjoy. I was happily surprised that the mat actually felt good.

Lying on this Bed of Nails mat for a minimum of 10 minutes (ideally, daily) supposedly helps rid your body of toxins, helps release endorphins (which provide a joy, energy and pain relief) and oxytocin (which makes you calm and relaxed). The mat is great aid for self-treatment, for stimulating energy, and for breaking through stress and really relaxing, for once.

If the Bed of Nails is used regularly for a long enough period of time it may alleviate: “stress, headache, constipation, tiredness, insomnia, tension, back pain, muscle aches, malaise.”

The environment is very important to us as well and we are striving to become more eco and are looking into the options as we speak. Bed of Nails also donates part of our proceeds to help support Take Heart India, a youth run charity focused on practical education projects in India www.takeheartindia.org. ~Bed of Nails

2. Pranamat Eco by Advaita

Review via Waylon Lewis

Waylon’s already reviewed Advaita, Contestant Number Two, when he was at the Natural Products Expo West. Click for photos, and to see why it’s super-stylish, elegant and eco-responsible. The cover is undyed/unbleached linen. I don’t think the interior cover is organic cotton. The core is cococut fiber (biodegradable), instead of foam. Even the nails themselves are recycled plastic, or something, and they’re stuck to the cotton using heat, not cheap, toxic glue.

3. Shakti

Review via Waylon Lewis

This is the one you’re likely familiar with, because they’ve thrown down some big advertising dollars at Yoga Journal, and their ads are cooool. Not eco. Great functionally (though I bled on one, a bit, at the YJ conference at Estes Park, it was my fault—a puppy was jumping all over me, after all). Eco-wise, it’s crap (goodbye, ad dollars, hello editorial integrity). Functionally, it’s awesome.


All three mats are stellar, functionally, and I can highly recommend them. Particularly great for those who may not be inclined to get to yoga class, but want some of the same benefits (father’s day is coming up!). Great for the back and circulation, and the mind and relaxation.

Still, it’s no contest.

Pranamat—while the case and lining may not be organic—the rest of it’s pretty awesomely eco-responsible. The other two thought about the environment about as much as is conventional—ie, not much. Pretty hypocritical for a product that’s devoted to wellness.

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