What if we just close BP?

Via Lynn Hasselberger
on Jun 28, 2010
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Courtesy JoeMohrToons.com

I love this cartoon by Joe Mohr, the man behind Mean Joe Green Cartoons. It says it all.

The blame game continues as oil continues to gush into the Gulf. And what about the other oil disasters that get buried deeper and deeper by other news and discussions about The Biggest Loser on Dancing with the Stars? We all feel depressed and helpless by the Deepwater Horizon disaster, frustrated–even insanely mad–about BP’s inability to stop the hemorrhaging and clean up the oozy mess before it’s classified as an out-of-control weapon of mass destruction.

Let’s shut down BP and put everyone responsible behind bars!

That would include us–mere citizens–as we continue to fill-er-up at the gas station. And shutting down BP would defeat the purpose–who the heck will fix the problem? I know, let’s take over BP and their profits, pay the affected citizens their due, restore the ocean and beaches and dump the remaining gazillion dollars into clean energy.

Since that’s probably not going to happen, what can we do beyond wringing our hands, bursting out in expletives and reducing our time behind the wheel?

Say NO to more of the world’s dirtiest oil
Tell Obama to stop offshore drilling
Urge President Obama to work with the Senate to pass comprehensive legislation that will lead America to a clean energy future.
Add your voice to the RepowerAmerica Wall in a historic call for clean energy
*  Reduce consumption of products containing petroleum (including, not limited to, bottled water, plastic, parafin candles, even many lotions and cosmetics contain petroleum based ingredients!)

What will it take for us to change our ways? Millions of gallons of oil bubbling into the very waters that provide us with food and enjoyment? Uh…. apparently not.

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5 Responses to “What if we just close BP?”

  1. Adam Cardew says:

    You do know that if BP was to close today, America and England would both fall right back into recession. All the work done would be gone, and thousands of AMERICANS would be out of a job. Though, I am sure you have done all the best research on it. Yeah, just as good as our President did when allowing the offshore drilling. Your group is no better than our current administration.

  2. Daniel says:

    I sit pondering this problem. I suspect there is more outrage because it is closer to home. But it is neither the first nor the last industrial accident and probably isn't even the worst. That would probably be Chernobyl or Bhopal. I listen to the agony expressed about how awful it is and consider that a person dies every 4 seconds from starvation. I don't hear too much about that. Where's the outrage. But if the beach gets covered and we can't sunbathe, god forbid?

    Who is foolish enough to believe anything is going to change any time soon? Deep water drilling is going to stop? How? We know our oil consumption isn't going to change much. 1 or 2% a year decrease is a real goal. That is not enough to give up oil nor can that be made up by wind which provides 4% of our total power and we've been building wind farms for 40 years.

    I don't think apocalyptic predictions are useful. I do see a transition period that is going to be very messy before a realignment occurs. Personally, I suspect in another hundred years the map of the world will be very different than it is today.

    As for BP they wont be held liable for all the cost. If they are made to pay then no other oil companies will drill in deep water and the US will sink further into recession. Love it, hate it, it doesn't matter. There will be more drilling and there will be more accidents. The only real question is "where does it end?"

  3. Adam—that is the very point of this post. We are all to blame. The suggestion to close BP was purely sarcastic. I'm afraid that what you say, Daniel, makes sense. 4,000 children die every day from diarrhea caused by unclean water and poor sanitation. [read more here… http://icountformyearth.wordpress.com/2009/08/26/… ] nor is this is not the only recent major catastrophic oil disaster. http://www.elephantjournal.com/2010/05/the-other-

    We need to do something more as individuals. Stop consuming so much. Vote with our dollars. Have a year or more of staycations. We're all in this together. Cheers!

  4. Adam Cardew says:

    Also, we need to stop reproducing children at this rate. Why do people in areas plagued with unclean water keep having children that are just getting sick and dying. The planet can not hold the population of humans that we currently have. We need to start keeping the population down as much as possible.

  5. Olga says:

    Has anyone heard anything about a class action 'Human Rights' lawsuit against BP? Under the Charter of Human Rights and Freedoms it is a human right to breath clean air and have access to clean water.