July 29, 2010

10 Reasons I like Movement Climbing + Fitness.

It’s Natural that Outdoors Enthusiasts would think Green.

I just went to Movement for the first time ever, the other day, for their free climbing day/1 year anniversary celebration. I threw some balls at famous climbers perched above the dunk tank, drank an Upslope microbrew, bouldered a bit, got a nickel tour via one of the founders, and posted to our Facebook Page using their wireless. Not in that order.


10 Reasons elephant hearts Movement:

1. They have a 100kW PV system on their roof that supplies close to 100% of their energy needs each year

2. solar thermal water heaters supply their hot water (for laundry, showers, washing hands [with quality Pangea Organics soap] etc.)

3. They worked with a daylighting architect so that they always uses as little artificial light as possible

4. they have 14 skylights throughout the main part of the building and the highest grade glass in our windows (this helps with heat transmission from the sun so you don’t need to cool the building additionally to compensate)

5. They use Coolerados for their cooling system—water-based vs. energy-based

6. their yoga room floor is bamboo, with a cork underlay; and lights automatically turn on, and off, based on motion detection (as in other rooms).

7. they offer childcare (!), in an eco-friendly room that has passed a set of criteria to be recognized by the state as a great and healthy place for children to play

8. they wash their climbing holds in a pit beneath ground level so the water (no soap or chemicals!) goes back into the water table

9. their shirts are fair-trade, Made in the USA

10. The place is gorgeous. The design is spacious, huge, hip. And the air is clean (it’s purified wonderfully, unlike many climbing gyms).


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