110, 140 Dead Bodies Meditation. ~ Robert Allen

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on Jul 19, 2010
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1. Imagine sitting in your home.

2. Hold the love you feel there for a moment in your belly, let it warm.

3. Imagine the 100,140 killed in Iraq, and hold them in your heart.

4. Imagine the civilians and soldiers dying in front of your eyes, and you do nothing.

5. Rid yourself for a moment of political stance, and just imagine 110,140 bodies — bloated, breathless, lifeless, eyes empty.

6. Place the civilians and soldiers, 110,140  rotting war corpses in a row, build a road of dead mothers and fathers and children. Smell death. Smell those dead and rinse your skin with the blood of the dead, dead by world denial (our denial) of the importance of life, this bounty of breath we have been given. Make their blood and flesh your garment.

7. Imagine the length of that road you’ve built, body after body after body after body after body after body after body after body.

8. Walk the road you created.

9. Smell the rot, taste the meat in your breath, breathe death where you expected air, see your body covered in the blood of others, your friends, your loves.

10. Taste that pain in your heart and hold it until the war stops.

Now go change something.

Robert Allen is a writer and teacher in the realm of relationships and the men’s movement. His articles have been distributed widely on the internet. He’s the author of the Integrity Pledge, a five part pledge  for men who love women, and want to love them better.

Robert lives in northern California with his wife, elephant journal columnist Lasara Allen, and two daughters.


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4 Responses to “110, 140 Dead Bodies Meditation. ~ Robert Allen”

  1. RemyC. says:

    Where else could we test all these depleted Uranium shells? We need a shooting gallery to keep up morale. 16, nowhere to go, no options, the recruiting office is the only opportunity open to you. Then you experience the brutal truth, how your government is using you to advance the agenda of multinationals. But you're stuck, you can't get out… the only thing left to hang on to is your pride and your patriotism, hoping you won't get your ass shot off or worse come home with missing pieces. It's always been the same thing… Korea, Vietnam… the only one that really counted was fighting the Nazis and the Japanese, but was that all that different? Weren't we manipulated into that one as well, with all the arms dealers partying in Switzerland? We need to relearn history, we know nothing about to how we landed in this situation, who's pulling the strings, who is in charge. Sure, Metallica ranted about Master of Puppets, but then they joined the ranks of the corporate state to stamp out a few pirates. Our planet is dying, and we're spending all our time and energy making it worse. Radical Islam is nothing more than a Luddite uprising by people who never warmed up to machines. Now in their own perversion, using the aggressors tools to become just like us. All conflict end when both sides give up from exhaustion. Except now it's on a global scale with mass communications, and weapons which can strike at any target from around a continent. There's no spirit of fair play, or honor, just wanton destruction, and it's still the same song, sung by the weapon merchants. There's no chill pill. Either you protest the war, or you fight the war. If you try to stand idle by the side lines, you become collateral damage. That's how wars start, because you can't get out of the way of the rising tide. Then you have to ride the wave and let it take its course, till it crashes against the rocks. But we can't afford to play this game anymore. The Earth can't take it. Our emotions can't take it. The pain creeps up subconsciously into our psyche and we can't shake it, we can't rise above it. Emotions are contagious. Go change something, sure, but what? Haven't we already changed everything, and the song remains the same?

  2. Robert Allen says:


    I understand your strength of feelings, but I was writing about soldiers and civilians dying in Irag.

    I believe the thing that needs to be changed is attitude toward other cultures. Your line, "Radical Islam is nothing more than a Luddite uprising by people who never warmed up to machines." is a racist viewpoint that leads to war—so that's one thing that we can do and have not done yet as a world culture–respect differences to avoid war.

    Peace to you,


  3. Robert Allen says:

    Typo: Of course I meant "Iraq", not the unknown country of "Irag" Got a bit excited there…


  4. Robert Allen says:

    The number 110, 140 comes from Iraq Body Count and the US Mililtary, as of July 16, 2010. Sadly the numbers could change in just a few days. Very sad.