Confessions of an Eco-Shopper: Garage Sale Tables.

Via Rachel Znerold
on Jul 14, 2010
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I love me a good garage sale.

I just can’t pass ’em up. What treasures may be awaiting me in the motley sidewalk clusters??

Last Sunday, while walking to get a Fayes iced coffee (the best), I bumped into my friend Mary who was having a garage sale. Not only did I score a glass of cold rosé champagne and a plastic “30!” crown that I plan on busting out when I turn thirty in March, I discovered the perfect mid-century modern three-piece stacking  table set. It is just the thing to live next to our little red love-couch in our library.

For only $20.


*Photo by Garage Sale Vender, Friend and Neighbor, Mary Laux.


About Rachel Znerold

Growing up in the Colorado countryside, Rachel Znerold knew early on that she was different…she saw dazzling beauty in decomposing logs and expressed her individuality with wild drawings on her sneakers. Now, as a prolific painter, eco-fashion designer, performance artist and writer, Rachel makes a life out of making art. With a degree in Fine Art and Advertising from The University of Colorado in Boulder, Rachel began to pursue her art career full time. Aiming to share her awe of the world and the art of the everyday, she has taught painting, fashion design, and performance at a variety of schools, museums, and non-profits. Rachel has been commissioned to paint murals in Colorado, New Zealand and Mexico, and eventually landed in San Francisco, becoming a part of the Mission District’s vibrant art scene. Rachel believes art is instrumental in building strong community and a culture of social activism.


5 Responses to “Confessions of an Eco-Shopper: Garage Sale Tables.”

  1. elephantjournal says:

    Awesome photo!

  2. Blake says:

    Ain't nothing better than taking an old product and putting new use to it!

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  4. Robert Owens says:

    You got so many deals every time you go to garage sales and I'm quite impressed at your great buys! My garage door repair in Perth hasn't fixed yet so I decided to have a garage sale too, you might wanna visit!