Cougar Yoga.

Via Alex King
on Jul 2, 2010
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This is so Boulder.

Cougars, Yoga, and stupid annoying tribal music you would find blasting from the B-side Lounge.

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Ode to a Cougar…

Starring Cynthia Blaise as the Cougar, and Second City Alumni: Maribeth Monroe, Keegan Michael-Key, & Andy Cobb. Music by Tom Farrel.

Director: Joshua Funk ——– Producer: Mark Kienlen ——– Crew: Mark Bade

©2010 The Second City Inc./Maribeth Monroe

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2 Responses to “Cougar Yoga.”

  1. Yogini# says:

    I smell age-phobia here … well, I will let this one go … it i$ Boulder, after all …

  2. wierdday says:

    yep….i look forward to the day when society can figure out some way to recognize and appreciate women in their 40's other than calling them "Cougars"…..