July 24, 2010

Hey, Advanced Tantrikas: Help Out a Student with Her Dissertation on the Highest Yoga Tantra!

Emily Wolf is a doctoral student currently working on a dissertation about the Highest Yoga Tantra. If you’re a practitioner of Tantric Buddhism with certain experiences, she needs your help! For more, read her message below:

Dear Dharma Practitioner,

I am currently collecting data for my dissertation on positive psychological functioning and Highest Yoga Tantra meditation practice, and would like to request your participation. This research explores psychological factors in various levels of Highest Yoga Tantra (Anuttarayoga) and Inner Yoga Tantra (Maha, Anu, Ati) practitioners. Ultimately, this study serves to clarify these practices, add to current understanding of the psychological science in Indo-Tibetan Buddhist practices, and scientifically validate tantric practices.

Specifically, I am looking for adults over the age of 18 who have received at least one Highest/Inner Yoga Tantra initiation.

The study will take approximately 25 to 40 minutes of your time to complete. There is an option at the end of the survey to enter your email into a lottery to win one of four $50 gift cards. The emails will be stored separately from your survey responses, and your participation will remain completely anonymous.

Ultimately, my hopes in conducting this research will contribute a better understanding of Buddhist practices for the general public and the scientific community, as well as preserve and nourish the dharma in Western culture. If you would be willing to donate your time for my study, please go on the weblink below or email [email protected] to have an email link sent to you. Please feel free to email me via email with any questions.

Best regards,
Emily J. Wolf

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