23 feet: Home is where your sock drawer is.

Via Lisa Montierth
on Jul 29, 2010
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photo by Alan Kahler

“Home, home on the…?”

I had this dream the other night about buying a Volkswagen Westfalia. We’ve seen lots of Westys on this trip and I’ve slowly started to long for one of my own – I’m now in the throes of a most unexpected vehicular crush.

So this Westfalia of mine was sitting in some dream driveway somewhere, and I was sorting out my things and arranging them inside, taking care with some big ridiculous fluffy bed, hanging posters on the wall. I was just about to climb a magic staircase to the upstairs when Greer shook me awake, and for the rest of the morning was haunted by that wistful ache you get when the previous night’s dream world felt really, really good.


Its fun to talk to people who live on the road about what “home” means, about what and where makes a safe place to hang your hat. Popular wisdom tells us that home is, you know, where the heart is, and I suppose that’s about right. My home for the last month has been our Airstream, Roma, who officially belongs to Allie but has taken me in just the same.

The majority of the people we’ve met on this trip are living out of their vehicles now, or have at some point in their life. And I’d be willing to bet the connection they have to their vans or trucks or bicycles is much deeper than the affection one might have to their commuter sedan. It’s interesting that in a life of de-emphasizing the material, some material objects take on a greater meaning.

Roma isn’t just a (really cool looking) trailer. She keeps us warm, gives us a nice place to sleep, even has an electrical plug or two so we can watch “Pride and Prejudice” on Allie’s laptop at least once a week. Allie could very well live in her forever. She’ll be my home for a while, too.

And maybe one day, I’ll find a little old Westy of my own to stow my heart in.


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A fledgling earth child and reincarnated rock-star, Lisa celebrates being alive in the yoga studio, on the dance floor, and with the company of friends. Forever on the verge of swooning from all the beauty in this world, she aims to capture some of that in her writing. She has been known to work a sentence for a whole hour, searching for the prettiest verb. Lisa lives and learns in Portland, OR.


One Response to “23 feet: Home is where your sock drawer is.”

  1. Victor says:

    Hi Lisa,

    A friend just turned me onto your project. Wishing you good luck and safe travels.

    If you're serious about a Westy, then you need to check out the best porn site for them, the Samba classifieds: http://www.thesamba.com/vw/classifieds/cat.php?id

    I've owned two VW Westys in my life, a '71 and a '74. I might try to buy back my '74. I had to give it away because I didn't have a place to keep it but now looks like I might need it to live in. Plus I've got my own little road trip film project planned. 😉

    What I would love to do is pop a diesel TDI engine in an 80's Westy and run it on biodiesel. There are a few outfits that will do that for a price. http://www.greaseworks.org/tdivanagon