Climate Change Deniers dont Noam bout my Chomsky

Via Waylon Lewis
on Jul 1, 2010
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Noam Chomsky: there are 3 sides to the Climate Change “Debate.”

I have no idea what the above image is about, but it’s awesome, so there you go.

We’ve blogged up Noam Chomsky many times before; we have nothing to add at this time.

Except the below recent video, with our hero Bill McKibben, whom we’ve interviewed twice on Walk the Talk Show, re Climate Change, which succinctly puts the lie to any doubts you and your favorite talking head and meteorologist quack might have about the question of whether or not millions of cars, homes, domesticated animals and such are having any deleterious effect on…our weather:


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3 Responses to “Climate Change Deniers dont Noam bout my Chomsky”

  1. Greg says:


    Am glad he explained why scientists faked their data. No need to do valid science when you have a consensus.

    Glad he explained why the "consensus scientists" attacked scientists who did not agree with them and prevented them from publishing. If you have a consensus there is no point in letting anyone else publish. Why would you?

    Glad he explained how it will cost just a little bit of money. Yeah, sure. Maybe he could expand on the theory and explain the Chicago Climate Exchange and Al Gore's investment.

    Maybe he could explain why Gore's film is riddled with false science. And how they had to eliminate major portions of the historical record in order to justify a bogus hockey stick graph. And why the heck the number of polar bears increased rather than decreased. And why Gore, who predicts the oceans rising and wiping out coastal land, buys a nine million dollar mansion on the coast.

    And he does not even begin to touch on the problem presented by solutions that make no difference whatsoever in the future of the climate but rather generate hundreds of billions of dollars in trading commissions to … oh, yes, Al Gore, Goldman Sachs….

    No. It's all about Rush Limbaugh. Makes sense. If you are completely nuts.

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