July 15, 2010

Sexist Meat Market.

Example: Pamela Anderson’s Ad Campaign for PETA.

Ah, PETA is at it again.

Here is their latest installment in a series of sexist, degrading ads featuring an objectified, nearly nude woman.

This time long-time animal rights activist, Pamela Anderson,  is “carved” up like any other hunk of meat.

PETA utilizes images of nude or near nude women as a “catchy” way to raise awareness about animal cruelty, factory farming and the benefits of a vegetarian diet.

In PETA’s ongoing efforts to raise consciousness about these important issues, including the exploitation of animals, they in turn continue to exploit women.

Read more here:

Pamela Anderson’s new ad: Sexist or Sexy?

The Sexual Politics of No Meat.

I’d love to hear feedback from the “enlightened” and “conscious” community Ele serves.

An earlier version of this post appeared at Feminist Fatale.

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