July 15, 2010

Sexist Meat Market.

Pamela Anderson’s Newest Ad Campaign for PETA.

Ah, PETA is at it again.

Here is their latest installment in a series of sexist, degrading ads featuring an objectified, nearly nude woman.

This time long-time animal rights activist, Pamela Anderson,  is “carved” up like any other hunk of meat.

PETA utilizes images of nude or near nude women as a “catchy” way to raise awareness about animal cruelty, factory farming and the benefits of a vegetarian diet.

In PETA’s ongoing efforts to raise consciousness about these important issues, including the exploitation of animals, they in turn continue to exploit women.

Read more here:

Pamela Anderson’s new ad: Sexist or Sexy?

The Sexual Politics of No Meat.

I’d love to hear feedback from the “enlightened” and “conscious” community Ele serves.

An earlier version of this post appeared at Feminist Fatale.

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noble hobbit May 13, 2014 8:46pm

wow. interesting how many elephant readers are upset with this add, and yet the majority of comments left for the playboy yoga video are wildly in support of it. so if Pamela had posed in downward dog, would this have been spiritual and not offensive..?

manda Sep 9, 2013 11:58pm

At the end of the day WE ARE ALL ANIMALS! You don’t see any one petitioning a lion to go eat grass & trees instead of zebra. I’m all for ethical treatment of animals, but I think to rule out eating them all together just isn’t viable for everyone. There are people with medical conditions who NEED to eat meat as their body simply doesn’t absorb enough from the non-meat sources & they are unable to take supplements as they are allergic to or have an intolerance to ingredients in the supplements. I tried vegetarian when I was about 12, I’m lucky if I lasted a month. Some people are just wired to eat meat. I eat a LOT less meat than I used to, but I still eat meat. Just because I stop doesn’t mean they’re going to kill one less cow/sheep/etc. per week/month/year. That meat will still be available & may just turn into senseless waste. If its already been chopped up Im going to consume it at some point, however I’m going to eat that meat with respect & know that some poor animal has died for me to eat that tasty piece of meat. I’m getting nutrition & sustenance from its flesh & I will enjoy eating it because how can I respect it if I don’t enjoy it. I’ve eaten steak that I swear tasted like it was raised on hugs & love. You can truly taste a well treated life when you eat meat. If you want to make a positive change eat free range as often as you can & respect the fact that that slab of flesh you’re about to devour was not so long ago a living breathing creature. I’ve often thought about going vegetarian, but I just don’t think I can live as a complete vegetarian. I do limit the meat I eat. I understand that this may upset or offend some people & I apologise if it does, it’s really not my intention. I just thought I’d try to get across some points, I’ve probably hidden them in amongst a large amount of babble, but my point remains that we are all part of the animal kingdom, some are just better animals than others!

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Melanie Klein

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