July 6, 2010

Update: Naropa’s Boulder Mindfulness Conference. ~ Julia Schwab

Breaking: Boulder Residents can Register for Half Price ($79) for Jack Kornfeld, PhD, Saturday, July 31st, 8am – 4pm at the Boulder Theater.

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Dr. Dan Siegel Absolutely Gets It!

The synthesis of psychotherapy and neuroscience. The tertiary process micro-tuned. Dan Siegel‘s presence at the coming Naropa University/Faces Conference, “Buddhism & the Art of Counseling,” is well worth noting.

As the keynote speaker on July 28th at the inaugural event, Dan Siegel, MD will discuss “The Domains of Integration” in connection to the question: what happens if we use the intentional focus of our awareness to direct the flow of information and energy in both our brains and our relationships?

In learning to bridge the connecting parts of this inquiry, Siegel shows his playful mastery. For me, one of his contributions is the use of acronyms for remembering complex interrelated material. He calls himself an acronym addict, but that’s okay with me. Therefore I’m going to bypass the traditional introduction to the international scholar, researcher, teacher and theoretician. Instead, hang on to your hats as we travel acronymously. It’s fun. Hang loose. Take note!

Question: What is the essential part played by a therapist in helping support growth in another person?

Answer: PART


Question: What are the characteristics of integrated flow, when a system of differentiated parts are in harmony?

Answer: FACES


Question: What is attained by reflective practice on focusing internal attention on the mind itself with openness, observation and objectivity?

Answer: SNAG

Activation &

It will all come together… we will all come together… “Transpirational Integration” (D. J. Siegel). This is great stuff. There is more to come with Dr. Ron Siegel and the legendary Dr. Jack Kornfeld, among others. More portraits and video links will come to you via elephantjournal.com in the weeks preceding the conference.

Faces Conferences & Naropa University present

The Boulder Mindfulness Conference

“Buddhism & Psychology, the Art of Counseling”

St. Julien Hotel & Spa, Boulder, Colorado

July 28 – Aug 1, 2010

Julia Bry Schwab has been among the vanguard in experiential learning, first in wilderness work and later in art, initiating the Art Therapy Association of Colorado and the first Art Therapy program at the Colorado Institute of Transpersonal Psychology. Later teaching at Colorado Womens’ College and Naropa University, she nurtured an approach to accessible and non-technical visual expression. What underlies this painting process is an emergent awareness that is playful and experimental.

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