August 30, 2010

Candi that Kills

In an article in today’s Denver Post, Focus on the Family educational expert, Candi Cushman claims that anti-bullying efforts in public schools push the gay agenda. From the article:

School officials allow these outside groups (national gay advocacy groups) to introduce policies, curriculum and library books under the guise of diversity, safety or bullying-prevention initiatives, said Focus on the Family education expert Candi Cushman.

“We feel more and more that activists are being deceptive in using anti-bullying rhetoric to introduce their viewpoints, while the viewpoint of Christian students and parents are increasingly belittled,” Cushman said.

Public schools increasingly convey that homosexuality is normal and should be accepted, Cushman said, while opposing viewpoints by conservative Christians are portrayed as bigotry.

Sometimes the veil lifts for a moment and the naked emperor comes clearly into view.

Does this woman hear herself when she talks? Candi thinks teaching kids the values of respect, kindness and compassion toward their peers is “belittling” to Christians? Am I reading this correctly?

Candi Cushman has taken upon herself the thankless task of addressing national issues like the promotion of homosexuality in public schools, censorship of Christian students and the “evolution debate.”
That’s right, folks. Candi thinks there is a debate around evolution.

In a January 28, 2010 Denver Post article, Candi had this to say about the politicized and sexualized nature of anti-bullying initiatives in the schools.

“We think the best thing would be policies that prohibit bullying across the board for any reason against any child,” said Candi Cushman, education analyst for Focus on the Family Action. “The emphasis should be on the wrong action of the bullies, not why they did it or what their perceived thoughts were.”


According to this educational “expert,” it is perfectly possible to address a bully’s behavior while never examining the root thoughts and emotions that led to the behavior in the first place.

Keep in mind, Candi thinks evolution is up for debate.

Candi is offended that public schools are beginning to view homosexuality as normal. She is incensed, I tell you, that schools are encouraging young people to be accepting of their LGBT brothers and sisters. And ooooh does Candi get mad when Christian viewpoints are portrayed as bigotry!

You see, Candi Cushman is a bully herself. And bullies get really pissed when you call them on their bullshit.

Oh, Candi doesn’t look like a bully. With her blue eyes, warm smile and flip cut, Candi looks sweet enough to eat, gosh darnit!

Careful though! Don’t bite into her in search of a chewy center. Candi may be sweet, but she’s made entirely of saccharin.

And saccharin causes cancer in lab rats.

Also, she has bangs. And people with bangs are not to be trusted. It’s just a fact, people.

So the next time you hear Candi and others from Focus espousing their particular brand of Christian “viewpoints,” don’t be fooled. Candi and her ilk are bigots, plain and simple. They do what religious fundamentalists have done for millennia. They cloak their bigotry in religious language and then cry foul when anyone tells them to knock it off.

These really are the worst kind of people. And yes, listening to them will give you cancer.

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