August 22, 2010

Elements of Life: Practicing Letting Go

Continuity of practice is the secret of success.

Life is a breathing excersice in which we are constantly letting go, breath by breath, moment by moment until the moment when we are faced with death, when we are presented with the challenge to let go of our biggest attachment… life.

In the present we live in a society where attachment is a big part of our lives. We are atttached to our jobs, to our car, to our toys, to our relationships, to our names, to our reputation, to the image we have created of ourselves, in short we are a big attachment walking the Earth. Therefore practicing letting go seems to be a beautiful practice to remember as we breath.

Maybe you can start with little things, like letting go of your frustration when things don’t go the way you want them to go.

In you next inhale, bring to awareness all of you and all of those layers which you have created to define you; bring to awareness your family, your husband, your  wife, your children, your siblings, your job, your title, your car, your style, your bank account, your friends, your name…in your next inhale bring into awareness all that which defines you in the material world.

Then, in your exhale, let go of it all and for a moment find yourself empty of judgements and expectations, success and failures, ambitions and attachments. Find your self empty so you can take your next inhale.

In your next inhale, bring into awareness the reality of who you really are ~ Fire, water, earth, metal, ether, combined in a holy science that interacts harmoniously in a subatomic dynamic that illustrates how the universe works, regardless of how you think it should work.

As you exhale observe how this elements of life present themselves moment by  moment as their combustion happens and observe the electromagnetic activity present in your body.

In your next inhale align your spine from the root to the crown of the head, grounding your self through the gravities of the earth and expanding your energy through the connection you have to the universe that you are part of.

As you exhale, trust that you are created in perfection as the rivers, and the trees, and the sky and the rainbows are created (which are made of the same elements that you are) and feel the essential quality that unites you with the world around you.

With this space created, be present and for a moment be thankful of your journey and the blessing it is to be able to smile at yourself and not take yourself so seriously. Remember you will trascend through consciouness and not through material values. Remember that the state of mind that you walk with this Earth is what measures the quality of life that you are living and make it worth it. Imagine that Yama, the goddess of Death, walks near always, and any moment she wishes she will touch you and end your life as you know it, and that which will count at that very  moment will be your state of mind.

Practice let go of all those things that create negativity in your thoughts and let go of all those attitudes that hurt yourself and harm others and learn to see things as they are; we all get older, so let go of your fear of it, we all get sick, so let go of your attachment to  have insurance and guarantees, we all die, so let go of your fear to life and live now happyly and joyfully, have compassion for yourself and others and live happy.



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Read 2 comments and reply

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