Catching Thoughts: Find Gawd.

Via Celia Aurora de Blas
on Aug 5, 2010
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A little while ago I found this youtube channel called Unasleep.

I spent two days watching all of her videos, absorbing what she had to say. There was something about what this woman that had my insides jumping for joy.

Sometimes there are these people we come across who say what we’ve always wanted to say but don’t know how, or who give us pieces of the puzzle we’ve been searching around for.  Unasleep did this for me.  She recently added some new videos, and after getting to part give, prompted her viewers to go to her website to see the rest.

After poking around, I never found the rest but instead gobbled up an hour and a half web talk show she was a guest on, looked through her artwork, and then spent the next two evenings reading her “download“. Her “download” is the perfect description of how we inhabit our bodies.

However…throughout her musings she kept referring to”Jesus” and “God”, which always makes me hiccup in my head.  Every time she went there it was like I had an internal moment of disconnection, like I’m traveling down the road, trip over a rock, take a short moment where my feet leave the ground, land, and keep on walking down the road.

I thought I’d explore that a moment and found that I really dislike ‘God’. That’s a strong statement… Okay, maybe I should clarify. I really dislike the word “God”. It makes me want to crawl into a hole and hide from pain and death, cause that it what I associate the word ‘God’ with…

To wrap this up, here is her link again. Go check out Unasleep, and watch a bit more on “Gawd” below.



About Celia Aurora de Blas

Celia Aurora de Blas is an Actress, Producer and Yoga Nidra teacher in Los Angeles. By being honest and public about her path in changing herself, she intends to help others by example. "Change is challenging, but it helps when we see others do what we're trying to do. It makes it less scary."


2 Responses to “Catching Thoughts: Find Gawd.”

  1. potomac79 says:

    I like to keep it simple: Be good to others, try to not be afraid. To expand on that a little, a little something I wrote: Finding Secular and Non-secular Truth

  2. Aurora says:

    Thanks for your thoughts Antonio:) I think ultimately when it gets tough, trusting that everything will be alright is love. Love is just open and free. Anything else stems from fear and that tends to make things harder. Love is the power and source of creation. As long as we're tapping into that stream it doesn't matter what we call it.